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New Thor 4 Casting Shows A Likely Crossover With Black Panther

By Prathamesh Athavale
February 11,2022

Thor: Love and Thunder is Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth’s) fourth solo film in the MCU franchise. This film will star many fan-loved characters from the previous installments. Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), and Korg (Taika Waititi) will appear alongside the god of thunder. Batman famed actor Christian Bale will be in the role of the principal antagonist, Gorr The God Butcher.

The interesting thing about Love and Thunder is that the story will include a pantheon of gods and deities from MCU mythologies. This sparks a bit of tension as the villain in the movie is literally famed as God-butcher.

Thor and Jane

Thor and Jane In Thor: Love And Thunder

The MCU may also cast Russell Crowe as Zeus, the Greek god who is the equivalent of Odin. Crowe’s Zeus may bring in other Greek gods such as Ares, Hades, and Artemis. The MCU could also make a Norse-Greek gods crossover. There are a few rumors about a goddess who may also appear in Thor: Love And Thunder.

Thor 4 Can Star Goddess Bast

Bast in Black Panther form

Bast in Black Panther form

The Cosmic Circus hints at the possibility of the Black Panther Goddess Bast appearing on the big screen. A few pieces of evidence confirm that actress Akosia Sabet will portray the goddess Bastet, sometimes known as Bast. The Comic Circus showed that this news is coming from trustworthy sources like IMDB and Showcast, so fans can believe it.

Bast is the panther-deity from the Wakanda region. She leads Wakandan warriors to the herb that grants them physical powers and the ability to enter ancestral planes.

Akosia Sabet

Akosia Sabet

The character of Bast appeared in the Black Panther film, in the scene where T’Challa told the story of the origin of Black Panther. Akosia Sabet is a perfect choice for the role because of her experience with films like Winchester (2018) and Clickbait (2021).

Thor 4 And Wakanda’s Connection



The movie can establish Gorr’s character early in the story, so the conflict between him and the god pantheon can get more screen time. Bast’s debut in the MCU could open the door for other gods like Khonshu to make their way into the main franchise.

The details of the situation of Wakanda after the Endgame are still in the dark. Bast appearing in Love And Thunder can be an excellent opportunity for the MCU to explore today’s Wakanda. The fact that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is due after Thor 4, teases the possibility that Wakanda may play some role in the film’s storyline.

Gorr is a viable threat to the goddess Bast, which can have a significant impact on Wakanda, as it no longer has its magical herb. T’challa and Wakanda’s plans may disrupt if Gorr goes against Bast. If Gorr ends up killing Bast, then Wakanda’s Black Panther legacy will come to an end.

Fans will be able to solve these mysteries when Thor: Love And Thunder hits theaters on July 8, 2022.

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