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Thor 4’s Villain Could Be Teased By Moon Knight’s Missing Gods

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 15,2022

The missing gods in Moon Knight’s Ennead suggest that Marvel Studios has already teased Thor 4’s villain. As Moon Knight primarily focuses on its own story, it is largely disconnected from the larger MCU canon on Disney+.

In the meantime, Marvel may be quietly seeding future projects and characters. In addition to how Moon Knight will continue to appear after the series ends, this is a concern for all of Marvel’s characters. Gorr the God Butcher, the villain from Thor 4, may have been set up by Moon Knight.

The introduction of Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder immediately sparked speculation about how Marvel would show him gaining that terrifying moniker. As soon as it was revealed that Zeus would be making an appearance, he became an obvious target for Gorr. Love and Thunder has been linked to other deities, including Black Panther’s goddess Bast, according to reports. There is a lot of speculation about what will happen to Thor and Jane Foster, a.k.a. Mighty Thor, in the upcoming MCU film starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

Moon Knight’s Gods

The Ennead

The Ennead

With Moon Knight’s focus on Egyptian gods and Gorr’s upcoming live-action debut, it’s a perfect fit. The Ennead finally came into being in Moon Knight episode 3, after the series had established the ground rules for being a god’s Avatar and teased the superpowered group in charge of enforcing those rules. However, a large number of gods were in attendance for Khonshu’s request that Arthur Harrow’s actions be judged.

The Ennead traditionally has nine members, and there are nine seats available at their meeting place, according to the show. Only five gods, on the other hand, comprise the council that renders a verdict on Khonshu. Even though there are no gods in Moon Knight, it could be a sign that Gorr is already butchering gods in the MCU ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder, which Moon Knight does not address.

Thor 4 Explains Why Gorr’s Intent To Kill Thor



Due to the lack of Thor: Love and Thunder details, it’s unclear how Gorr the God Butcher obtained the Nescrosword in the first place. By the time Gorr meets Thor and Mighty Thor, it’s very possible that he’s been actively killing gods for years in the MCU. It is now possible that the Egyptian gods were among those who were afflicted by the wrath of Moon Knight. If Gorr is responsible for the deaths of some of the Ennead’s missing members, then the group’s current membership of five is understandable.

Episode 3 of Moon Knight even provided some additional context as to how and where this might have happened and what the repercussions might have been. To save the Overvoid, Khonshu says that the Ennead gods must leave. The Overvoid is the Egyptian gods’ Asgard-like home in ancient mythology and Marvel Comics. Several Ennead members have been killed by Gorr the God Butcher in the Overvoid in the past. Moon Knight’s gods may have been slaughtered elsewhere, but Gorr and his comrades may have taken refuge here in the hope of avoiding the god butcher.

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