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Thor: Love and Thunder Mystery May Be Solved By Marvel Leak

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 16,2022

As soon as Marvel fans see Thor again, they’ll see him in a completely new light. Also, if Thor’s new appearance is true to the comics, he may be less powerful than fans might expect for a God of Thunder. As of January 7, @cinematichub tweeted a leaked poster for Thor: Love and Thunder that appears to include several new elements, including a new costume for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. As a “possible leak,” the poster was also shared on Reddit as “the future of the MCU.”

The origin of the image is unknown, but if it’s authentic, it’s likely to be used in merchandise promotions for the Marvel Studios brand . The leaked image’s blue and yellow armor is clearly inspired by Thor’s Battle Armor, a costume the god of thunder has only worn once in a blue moon. It doesn’t have an official name, but Marvel’s Fandom wiki lists it as “Battle Armor.”

Thor’s armor first appeared in issue #378, though hints of it can be found as far back as issue #375. Thor’s bones had become brittle due to a curse Hela had placed on him. The Marauders broke Thor’s arm, so Tony Stark made “armor casts” for him, which arrived shining golden-yellow. Later, when the giants of Jotunheim were raiding Asgard, Thor upgraded to a full suit of armor.

Toiling Over The Comics


Thor in the Comics

When Thor appeared in Avengers: Endgame, he wasn’t lacking in strength. Stormbreaker, the axe that Thor had just made while the ruler of Asgard, still belonged to him. He was last seen accompanying the Guardians of the Galaxy to fill in for Gamora’s absence. Only that Natalie Portman will reprise her role as Jane Foster and assume Thor’s powers and become the latest Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder are known. Thor Odinsson’s future is unknown, but one can’t imagine a peaceful retirement. To say goodbye with a bang with Foster and Valkyrie (who will also be sporting new armor) is highly likely.

As a result, Thor’s superhero career may end as a magnanimous mortal. It’s possible that Thor’s time as a hero is coming to an end because he is no longer able to be one, in which case someone like Jane would have to take up Mjolnir for him. In Thor: Love and Thunder, we can only speculate about what will happen. If this is the case, there will be no “brittle bones” storyline in Thor. It’s hard to imagine how Thor will leave the universe in Thor: Love and Thunder, which is currently filming. Hopefully, it’ll all come together.

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