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Thor vs. Iron Man: The Epic Fight Returns In What If Season 2

By Sumit Sahu
August 12,2022

Do you remember the first part of Avengers? Thor and Iron Man clashed as Tony doesn’t trust anyone who comes from the above.

Fans had one great moment of joy, thrill and action by seeing a Greek God and a mortal fight without knowing that they both wanted peace for this world.

Well, the epic fight between this duo is possibly going to return in What If Season 2!

What Is Going To Be The Plot Of This Episode?

Thor Fights Tony

“Marvel’s The Avengers”

In the first season of What If, we saw Tony and Gamora fighting alongside on Sakaar, possibly to escape the planet.

And in Season 2, there is definitely going to be an episode where that part of Tony’s story will be elaborated.

There is only one possibility that Tony might have crash landed in Sakaar, while he was leaving Earth in his hulk buster and a Quinjet, as he was blamed and criticised for making Ultron, which led to a lot of disaster.

Just like Hulk became the champion warrior of Sakaar in MCU, Tony with the hulk buster was now having the same entitlement.

The Big Fight of Thor vs. Iron Man’s Hulk Buster

IronMan vs. Thor

IronMan vs. Thor

Just like the original story, Thor will accidentally reach Sakaar while fighting Hela. But, he will then be abducted by the Grand Master and will be sent to fight their Champion. Tony and Thor came face to face, but unlike Hulk in MCU, Tony will definitely recognise Thor in this episode.

The leaked trailer of What If Season 2 has visuals of Grand Master, and that might possibly be of this episode. It will be interesting to see how the fight between Thor and Tony commences even after they recognise one another.

Could Tony’s Opponent Be Gamora?

We have seen Gamora in the first season alongside Tony in What If Season 1. So, we can expect that in this reality, Gamora fought the Grand Master’s champion. Later they talked out things and fought together to escape the planet.

But Marvel Fans are definitely willing to see a fight between their two favourites, Thor and Iron Man. Let’s see what alternate realities are planned for the next season of What If.


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