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Tom Holland Finally Breaks Silence on This Character’s Death In NWH

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 5,2022

Whose death in the NWH made Tom Holland and Zendaya feel sentimental? The film Spider-Man: No Way Home is a phenomenon usually. Numerous records have been broken with this film, including surpassing $1 billion in its first week of release. Since its release, the film has become one of the most popular choices for people to stream on their computers. Sony has launched an Oscar campaign for the film. This includes a bid for Best Picture, to garner critical acclaim.

No Way Home’s success has fans speculating about the Spider-possible Men’s future. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield could appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This speculation comes after the film’s multiversal focus and director Sam Raimi, who directed the original Spider-Man trilogy.

Because of Garfield’s performance in NWH, fans have been clamoring for a third installment in the Amazing series. With the latest Spider-Man film jokingly discussing the possibility of Maguire and Garfield returning, Marvel has only fueled these flames.

Amid its fan service, Spiderman: No Way Home still manages to deliver some heartfelt moments. According to Tom Holland and Zendaya of Spider-Man and MJ, the film’s heartbreaking ending was a disappointment, but they shared their hopes for a better outcome.

Also recently, some of the movie’s stars discussed a particularly harrowing scene.

Holland and Zendaya Discuss Someone’s Death

Zendaya and Holland

Zendaya and Holland

Tom Holland and Zendaya, the stars of Spider-Man: No Way Home, recently spoke with about Aunt May’s tragic death at NWH. Holland referred to the Peter-May relationship as “integral the heart and soul of the story”. He did so while referencing to the crushing nature of the moment.

“The relationship between Peter and May throughout these films has been really integral to the heart and soul of the story. This scene kind of seemingly comes out of the blue, like no one expects this to happen. It’s going to be really, really hard hitting for people [seeing the] movie.”

While talking about this scene, Zendaya emphasized the importance of May to Peter’s journey and her death at NWH, and stated that “She doesn’t get the credit she deserves.”

“[May’s] a great role model. She’s raised a lovely young man, and she’s done it on her own. She doesn’t get the credit she deserves. It’s important to acknowledge May in the respect that everybody is like, ‘Oh, he always has to have a mentor,’ All these father figures and all this stuff. But May has raised him. Shoutout to May!”

Aunt May’s Influence



Her role in NWH is made clearer by Holland and Zendaya’s remarks, even if the audience already knows this. It was Marisa Tomei’s May who helped shape Peter’s moral code and gave him the resolve to keep going. May’s journey has made her the MCU’s Uncle Ben in many ways, and she even delivers what is often hare famous final words.

A few other points can be drawn from Holland and Zendaya’s statements, however. The MCU’s Spider-Man is frequently regarded as a mentored character. Regarding Spider-Man’s”father figures,” Zendaya points out, May is often overlooked. Having no Uncle Ben in this universe (or at least one that audiences have seen), May is the one who shaped Peter into the man he is today, even when he first put on the outfit.

Spider-journey Man’s would not have been possible without May, according to Tom Holland. When Peter was going through his darkest moments in the first two films, May was there to give him something to fight for and to ensure that he did the right thing after learning his true identity.

Even if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man returns to the big screen in the future, the death of his Aunt May in NWH has already altered his character in an irreversible way.

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