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Tom Holland Knows Who Is The New Owner Of The Avengers Tower Is

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 6,2021

In the MCU, Tom Holland knows who the new owner of the Avengers tower is. As a result of the Avengers’ victory over Loki in The Avengers, Tony Stark undertook renovations to his New York City apartment, renaming it the Stark Tower. A new home for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was provided by Tony upstate as soon as Avengers: Age of Ultron was released. Until Spider-Man: Homecoming, no one knew much about the Avengers Tower. That is until Iron Man sold the building in the film.

When Will The Mysterious New Owner Of The Avengers Tower Be Revealed?


In the absence of a splash, Marvel Studios has given fans something to talk about in the wake of the deal. The release of Spider-Man: Far From Home fueled speculation about the building’s new owner. One rumour has it that it was purchased by Oscorp’s new Norman Osborne. The MCU is getting ready to welcome Marvel’s first family, and some speculate that this could be their new headquarters. A reference to it was made in the new Hawkeye season on Disney+. As a result, this leads some to start believing that Kingpin had purchased it.

Marvel Studios doesn’t appear to have any plans to reveal who the new owner of the Avengers Tower is at this time. Holland, on the other hand, is happy to reveal that he does know who it is. The actor made the following statement in a recent interview with ComicBook, but he didn’t mention anyone by name:

A New Story Arc In The Making?


Considering Holland’s reputation for loose lips, it’s remarkable that he’s aware of this particular nuance. If the new owner of Avengers Tower has any feelings about NWH, there might be some extra reactions. It was only after some thought that Holland realized he had the response to this MCU riddle, indicating that it won’t be important in the upcoming film. His inability to discuss it openly with Zendaya only serves to bolster this theory. This means they’re aware of the ramifications for Spider-Man. This, and the rest of the MCU that the Avengers Tower is now under their control.

Marvel Studios is working hard to keep this mystery alive. Considering that a new Spider-Man trilogy is in the works, the new owner of the Avengers Tower could consider that. Alternatively, it could serve as a springboard for a new story arc involving other individuals. That said, whoever it is, this effectively guarantees that New York will proceed to play a significant role in the MCU shortly.

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