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Tom Holland’s Idea For Miles Morales Could Be The Next Big Hit

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 22,2021

Ahead of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland has already laid the foundation for introducing Miles Morales to the MCU. After a failed spell by Doctor Strange to erase Peter’s identity from the world’s collective memory, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will fight villains from all over the Multiverse in No Way Home.

Dr. Ock, a former Spider-Man villain, will appear in No Way Home. Along with him, several other villains, including Green Goblin and Electro, will make their appearances. Holland’s Spidey swan song, No Way Home, could also be his last, while a well-known web-head has been nominated to succeed him.

The New Spider-Man 

mailes morales

According to Tom Holland, Spider-Man could benefit from a Miles Morales film, who said in an interview that “It might be time for me to move on.” It may appear that the MCU would need to establish a new origin story and entry point for Miles. However, that’s not the case. Miles’ introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be a cinch thanks to Holland’s previous appearances as Spider-Man.

Aaron Davis, Donald Glover’s character in Spider-Man: Homecoming, appeared in the 2017 film. In addition to being one of many characters who have assumed the identity of Prowler, Davis is also known as Miles Morales’ uncle. Homecoming’s Davis even mentioned Miles in an uncut phone call. Even though this isn’t official MCU canon, Miles has another clear opportunity in the movie.

The Great Spider-Men


After Thanos ‘ snap in Avengers, countless individuals vanished into thin air: Infinity War wiped out half of the universe. For those who died in Avengers: Endgame, Smart Hulk resurrected them with another snap of the Infinity Stones. However, it had been five years since their deaths. It’s the perfect opportunity to establish Miles as Spider-Man in his own right, as he gets his bite and gains his abilities while Peter is away.

Even though Miles was never shown in action as Spider-Man after Peter’s return, he may have experienced his spider-bite earlier. This could have happened when he had less time to form his own identity as Spider-Man. It’s possible that the general public didn’t fully know Miles’ Spider-Man before the release of No Way Home.

There were only three days between finishing Uncharted and beginning No Way Home for Tom Holland when he first took on the role of Spider-Man five years ago. Understandably, he may be ready to step back from the spotlight. Nonetheless, he has made a compelling case for Miles Morales to succeed him.

This, indeed, would be easy to pull off, given how much the MCU has already done to prepare him. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have been speculated to play Spider-Men in the Spider-Verse; if this is indeed the case, Miles Morales would be in good company as one of the many great Spider-Men.

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