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Tony Stark Upgraded His Nanotech Shield To A Holographic Shield: Why?

By Sumit Sahu
August 22,2022

We all know how Tony is a futuristic brilliant, who admits his mistakes secretively and works on it to deal with similar situations in the future.

There are endless times we have seen Tony upgrade his suit after he near misses death due to a loophole that he didn’t think of for adding in his Iron Man suit.

Some Early Iron Man Suit Upgrades Related To Specific Events

Iron Man- A little juice

Iron Man- A little juice

Well, there are many, but let’s just focus on couple of them that were the most highlighted:

  1. In the first part of Avengers, Tony went to the space to safely release the nuclear missile and save the city of New York from collateral damage. His suit stopped functioning in space and he fainted and had a close call of re-entering Earth. Keeping that in mind, Tony was working so long to create a suit that can function well in space. Finally we saw Mark 50 suit in Avengers: Infinity War, where we finally saw Tony fight in space without barriers.
  2. In Captain America: Civil War, we saw James Rhodes, a.k.a War Machine crash landed when his arc reactor was damaged. Tony tried to thrust towards Rhodey to catch him before he crashes. So, we saw Tony creates a power thruster in Avengers: Infinity War to save Peter while he was being carried out by the spaceship.

The Nanotech Shield Upgraded to Holographic Shield 

In Avengers: Infinity War, we saw another major upgrade that Tony summed up in his MK 50. In this fight with Captain America in Civil War, we saw Tony’s suit being compromised in hand to hand combat. Steve also ripped off Tony’s helmet making him vulnerable to Cap’s attack.

Keeping that in mind, he used nanotech to build his new suit with hand-to-hand combat weapons, which we saw him using while fighting Thanos on Titan and Ebony Maw on Earth. He also learned that someone can easily rip off one or the other parts of his body in hand to hand combat. Therefore, he programmed the nano-tech to recover the select exposed areas when in intense fight.

And every inch of those upgrades helped him make Thanos bleed, and almost defeat him on Titan.

Iron Man Nanotech Shield

Iron Man Nanotech Shield

Amidst the fight on Titan between Thanos and Iron Man, we saw Tony creating a nanotech shield to defend himself from the power stone blast by Thanos. Even though Tony’s MK 50 was well suited to prevent power stone from hurting Tony, but the nanoparticles were taking some toll due to the power of a infinity stone.

Iron Man Holographic Shield

Iron Man Holographic Shield

As a result, Tony’s suit became weaker and weaker further in the fight. So, to rectify this issue, Tony upgrades his nanotech shield to a holographic shield in Avengers: End Game. We saw him activate it to protect Clint in the scene, while Hulk was about to do the snap.

He already predicted that he will have to encounter the attacks by infinity stones sometimes in the future. For which, he made upgrades to his suit, which shows how Tony learns from his mistakes.


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