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Top 5 Captain America Variants In Marvel Comics

There have been many versions of Captain America aside from Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson in the Marvel comics. Who are they?

By Mohit Srivastava
December 19,2022

The main Marvel Universe in the marvel comics has been the Earth-616. Undeniably, Steve Rogers is the OG Captain America of the Marvel universe. But in the vast Marvel Multiverse, not every Captain America is Steve Rogers. However, throughout the years, a lot of characters have adorned the mantle of the beloved star-spangled American superhero – Captain America. Either these characters were from an alternate reality or an alternate timeline. All of them however have carried forward the legacy of the character to reach new heights. Here we look at the top 5 most powerful of these Captain America variants (other than very popular Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson).

Commander A aka Kiyoshi Morales

Kiyoshi Morales

First Appearance: Captain America Corps #1 (2011)

From: Earth-11831

A version of Captain America from an alternate reality, Kiyoshi Morales is one of the many genetically modified superheroes in his world. This version of Cap was created by Roger Stern and Phil Briones. This Cap possesses twin Energy Shields which resemble the original Captain America shield. He sometimes goes by the alias of Captain A. The USP of this Cap’s version is that he is one of the descendants of Luke Cage. However, his run was very limited as the comic series that he starred ‘Captain America Corps’ lasted for only a few editions.

Captain America aka Roberta Mendez

Roberta Mendez

First Appearance: Secret Wars 2099 #1 (2015)

From: Earth-23291

The wife of Alchemax Operative – Harold Mandez, Roberta was forcefully subjected to the super-soldier serum by her husband. She went on to become another version of Captain America and became the leader of Alchemax’s Avengers. However, Roberta was unaware of her superhero persona as was her other personality from her. When her universe folded in during the events of Secret Wars, she was among the few who survived the event and decided to work with Miguel O’Hara at Parker Industries. Notably, there is another version of Roberta donning the Captain America costume from another universe Earth-TRN632. Her origins are also similar to that of 23291’s Roberta.

Ultimate Captain America

Ultimate Captain America

First Appearance: Ultimates #1 (2002)

From: Earth-1610

Unlike his counterpart from the main timeline – Earth 616, Ultimate Cap is often seen using firearms and is completely willing to kill his opponents. He possesses an anti-French sentiment, presumably because during World War II the people of that era, including Rogers, saw the French as being weak and utter defeatists after Nazi Germany quickly conquered France. His uniform is both water and fire retardant, it is made of Kevlar, Nomex, lightweight titanium, and a chest plate Vibranium.

Danielle Cage

Danielle Cage

First Appearance: Avengers: Ultron Forever #1 (2015)

From: Earth-15061

Daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Danielle Cage in one of the realities accepts the mantle of Captain America. Getting the powers of her superhero parents in inheritance (her father’s unbreakable skin and her mother’s superhuman strength). She also goes on to become a member of the A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S. Initiative, under the mentorship of Natasha Romanoff. As Captain America, Danielle wields a thought-controlled anti-gravity shield, marked with its signature star and stripes. She also possesses and uses a time machine in a handheld device, akin to a smartphone. One of her greatest archnemesis is the merciless Golden Skull, a mysterious villain who destroys everything in their path and then sells the rubble.

Soldier Supreme

Soldier Supreme

First Appearance: Infinity Wars #3 (2018)

From: Warp World, Earth-616

What would you get if you decided to make a cross between Captain America and Doctor Strange? The answer is Soldier Supreme. During the events of Infinity War, mad titan Thanos’s daughter Gamora decides to become Requiem and attempted to reshape the entire Marvel Universe. She gets hold of the Infinity stones and folded reality in half, creating Warp World. This resulted in multiple heroes getting amalgamated with each other, producing warped versions of many superheroes. One of these powerful heroes was Soldier Supreme who resulted from the merging of Doctor Strange (Dr. Stephen Strange) and Captain America (Capt. Steve Rogers). He went by the alias of Stephen Rogers or Soldier Supreme. Apparently, in his world he was given a Magic based Super-Soldier Serum, as a part of an experimental procedure for the U.S. Army, during the World War II. He possessed the Cloak of Levitation, Eye of Agamoshtur, and the Eye of Agamodin. He perhaps, remains the most powerful of all the Captain America variants so far.

Here is to hoping that we shall see at least some of these interesting iterations of our beloved Cap in live-action in the MCU in near future. With MCU slowly advancing towards Secret Wars as its main culmination event for its ongoing Multiverse Saga, who knows maybe it will become true.

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