Top 5 Marvel What If Episodes That Should Happen in Season 2

Let’s look At A Few Ideas That Marvel Might Explore In The Limitless MCU Multiverse In What If ? Season 2

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 21,2023

With their animated series, What If…?, Marvel Studios took a significant gamble. The show is not only their initial effort into animation, but it also aims to alter iconic events from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Multiple times throughout the first season, the show proved successful: the beginnings of variants such as Captain Carter, Doctor Strange Supreme, and Star-Lord T’Challa provided fans with new perspectives on legendary MCU superheroes.

With a second season on the approaching, viewers will soon be able to see completely fresh possibilities of how their favorite movies and shows could have turned out very differently. The possibilities are boundless as the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands.

These are the ten “What If…” season 2 proposals that fans want Marvel to adopt.

5. What If… Quicksilver Lived ?

Quicksilver's Death
Quicksilver’s Death


If Quicksilver had survived Avengers: Age of Ultron, there’s a good possibility he’d be around to confront Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Quicksilver’s extraordinary speed would provide the Avengers with a completely new level of expertise in combating Thanos. Quicksilver was the only person who could have possibly sneaked up on Thanos and taken the Infinity Stones from him. Even if they were unable to prevent The Snap, it is feasible that Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch might have survived as part of a plot in which they could battle to bring their sibling back. Regardless of Quicksilver’s destiny in The Snap, his speed would be invaluable in combating Thanos’ vast army.

Quicksilver died while defending Hawkeye, implying that Hawkeye, a mentor figure to Wanda, would most certainly die in this event. What would Wanda’s life be like without Hawkeye?

Would Wanda go down the same road if her brother was there to aid her? Would Wanda still support Captain America if Hawkeye hadn’t dragged her into the Civil War? If we don’t get a reunion involving Wanda and Pietro in the 616 timeline, an episode of What If…? centred on the two could be a fan favorite.

4. What If… Steve Didn’t Go In The Ice?

Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers

Captain America’s influence would have a significant impact on post-WWII events. Not only could the war have ended sooner,
Cap would have allowed his blood to be used to recreate the formula, resulting in more true super soldiers under US control.

He would have tracked down and defeated Bucky, possibly reversing his brainwashing at some point.

He would not have allowed Zola to be recruited into SHIELD in any way so that Hydra could continue to exist in fragments.

Tony would have grown up disliking Steve since he would have spent his entire childhood in the shadow of Steve. However, by the time Tony is born, Steve will be an old man.

3. What If… Clint Sacrificed Himself Instead Of Natasha?

Natasha And Clint
Natasha And Clint

Natasha may have returned home with the Soul Stone and taken part in the showdown against Thanos if Clint had sacrificed himself and Natasha had lived through her stay on Vormir. To avenge the universe, she would have been able to battle with her resurrected MCU characters, and she would have witnessed Iron Man kill Thanos and his army. Since she was the sole female member of the original Avengers, she might have even taken part in that spectacular all-female superhero moment. She thus well deserved a moment of bravery during their epic final confrontation.

Instead of focusing on Hawkeye’s guilt from the main MCU, this “what if” scenario would instead examine Natasha’s remorse. What kind of response does Natasha give to losing her best friend? Will Natasha visit the Barton family to speak with them?

2. What If The Original 6 Were Snapped?

Peter Parker Would Have Survived The Snap
Peter Parker Would Have Survived The Snap

Had Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War taken the other half of the Avengers out of existence, the events of Avengers: Endgame might have been significantly different.
It would be up to superheroes like Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and Spider-Man to reverse Thanos’s atrocities now that the Avengers are no longer present. How would these characters interact with one another, and could they actually succeed in restoring the world? An episode with this idea might be quite effective in balancing the heroes of the past with those who have come after them.

2. What If… Bucky Became Captain America?

Bucky As Captain America
Bucky As Captain America

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be very different. Sam Wilson’s journey would continue in large part, while Bucky’s journey would take centre stage. Although Steve thought Bucky was deserving of the title of Captain America, Bucky disagrees with Steve’s assessment. Even though he has been absolved of all of his misdeeds, he is still clearing out the demons from his past, and the majority of the people still don’t trust him.

Like the real-life plot of the show, the government quickly gives John Walker the shield after he turns it in. Sam is upset that Bucky merely threw the shield away, but Bucky argues that Steve made a mistake by giving it to him and that “America would be better off having a Captain America who didn’t get brainwashed into killing thousands of people.”

In Bucky’s storyline, the goal would have been to persuade himself as well as the rest of the world that he is ready to serve as Captain America. To make amends for his actions as the Winter Soldier. He establishes his credibility in the decisive conflict with Zemo by outlasting the previous controller. The mysterious history of Captain America’s past is still a major storyline. Sam learns from Isaiah Bradley’s tale that, although the shield’s history is “complex,” it can be resolved. Ironically, Bucky is the one who thinks the legacy is cursed and can only be saved by Steve, not to mention Bucky himself.

Sam sees Karli Morgan and her allies as evil, while Bucky merely sees them as having undergone similar brainwashing to become what they are. Walker isn’t saved, and it is made clear that he is still self-centered. He only saves the bus’s passengers so he may battle Bucky, who overcomes him before they face off against Zemo.

1. What If… Thor Went For the Head?

Thor Vs Thanos
Thor Vs Thanos

There are numerous scenarios in which the snap might have been avoided. The iconic one is when Thor tried to prevent the Snap by impaling Thanos’ chest, but was unsuccessful, prompting the comment from Thanos, “You should have gone for the head.”

This hypothetical situation examines what would have transpired if Thor had attacked the Snap head-on. What would the MCU universe have looked like if the Snap had never occurred?