Top 7 Iron Man Armors In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tony Stark aka Iron Man, the ‘Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist”, has several Iron Man suits (MARK series as he calls them) in his arsenal. He has always changed the look of his suit, be it a simple change in aesthetics like color, or more technological advances altering their shape and capabilities.

Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark from 2008’s Iron Man to 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. His character was loved worldwide, and when he said goodbye, everybody was in tears. The character left behind a rich legacy, and an entire wardrobe full of iconic and powerful suits that he designed not only for himself but also for his friends and loved ones. They represented his amazing intellect and made him an unquestionable leader of the Avengers. This legacy will serve as the background of upcoming Marvel shows like Ironheart and Armor Wars.

Here are some of our favorite picks out of them.

7. MARK I (Iron Man)

MARK I in Iron Man

The Grand-daddy of all suits. This was ‘The First’ suit that Tony built in a cave “with a box of scraps”. When he emerged from the cave, wearing this mammoth creation and blazing fire from its arms, everyone’s mouth fell open. It felt like the director Jon Favreau’s homage to the old Iron man armor of the comic books. This scene will always serve as a reminder of how far he has come. The Mark I was completely mechanical and had no digital interface, it was bulletproof, had a flame thrower installed in its arms, and could even take a short flight.

6. MARK III (Iron Man)

MARK III in Iron Man

This was the first fully functional Tony Stark suit with the iconic red and golden color. It had abilities like long-distance flight, withstanding high altitudes, and possessing enough weapons to make whole armies drool in their mouths. However, it took forever in suiting up. It was in the earlier days of Stark, so it was a bit impractical too.

5. MARK V (Iron Man 2)

MARK V in Iron Man 2

It was the first portable suit of Iron Man. Stark won it from a suitcase while fighting Whiplash in the iconic race track fight. It combined the visual appeal of comics’ Silver Centurion armor with a red and silver look. Watching it morph around Tony Stark was indeed a sight to behold. However, it appeared more vulnerable than other suits and lacked a few combat capabilities.

4. JRXL-1000 / WAR MACHINE ARMOR I (Iron Man 2)

War Machine in Iron Man 2

While belonging to Stark’s friend Col. James Rhodes, it was used by the U.S. Military to patronize Stark’s technology. Donned with the color scheme of black and grey, it was fitted with a heavy armory and many conventional military weapons. It had bigger and most explosive weapons installed. Most iconic of all was its back-mounted minigun. It had an exclusive AI and targeting system and could eliminate threats with 360-degree coverage.

3. MARK XLIX / HULKBUSTER II (Avengers: Infinity War)

Hulkbuster II in Avengers-Infinity War

The bulkiest of all Stark’s suits, the Hulkbuster armor was designed to fight The Hulk. The first rendition of it, HULKBUSTER I, helped Stark to fight and finally gain the upper hand against the mighty Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was later modified by Banner and Wanda, before Thanos’s army invaded Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War. When he was not able to convert into the “Green Monster”, the Hulkbuster II helped Banner to fight and kill Cull Obsidian, one of the Children of Thanos.

2. MARK L (Avengers: Infinity War)’

MARK L in Avengers-Infinity War

Stark, this time upgraded his suit with Wakandan’s technology of nanites (or nanoparticles). Instead of clunky and cumbersome armor plates, this suit could cover Stark’s body with a very strong metallic exoskeleton of nanites. In addition to all the capabilities that its previous suits had, it could produce weapons at Stark’s will, like rocket boosters. It could even recreate itself after damage. It enabled Stark to go toe to toe with the Mad Titan on its home planet.

1. MARK LXXXV (Avengers: Endgame)

MARK LXXXV in Avengers- Endgame

This was the final 85th suit of Tony Stark before he succumbed to the snap of Infinity Stones. It indeed was the pinnacle of Stark’s technology. He developed it to withstand the combined cosmic powers of the Infinity Stones. It had all the capabilities of the previous suits while adding much more. It was the most flexible, comprised of liquid metal, and involved high mobility. While Tony breathed his last in the suit, his heroic sacrifice not only saved Earth but also the entire universe.