Top 8 Differences Between Netflix's 'YOU' And The Book
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Top 8 Differences Between Netflix’s ‘YOU’ And The Book

Let’s Look At The Top Eight Differences Between The Show And The Novels As We Anticipate The Release Of Part 2 Of Season 4 In The Upcoming Days

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 11,2023

There are some big differences between “You” on Netflix and the related Caroline Kepnes book series.

There are currently three books in Kepnes’ series: “You,” “Hidden Bodies,” and “You Love Me.” The storylines and situations of the most recent novel are very different from those of the settings of the series, even though certain characters remain the same.

Let’s look at the top eight differences between the show and the novels as we anticipate the release of Part 2 of Season 4 in the upcoming days.

8. Ellie And Paco Don’t Exist In The Books

Ellie And Paco

Ellie And Paco

Throughout the show, Paco and Ellie showed an entirely new aspect of Joe. He was interested in safeguarding Ellie and Paco despite being a cold-blooded killer and stalker. Which is perhaps the best thing he did throughout the series. Ellie and Paco, though, weren’t mentioned at all in the books.

It’s possible that the addition of Paco and Ellie—giving Joe two sort-of “stagiaires”—was an initiative by the series to humanize Joe a little. When Joe looks at the two younger characters, he recognizes his younger self. Providing fans with insight into Joe’s background and how he grew to be the man he is.

7. Joe Simply Sneaks Out In The Books

Joe Goldberg

Joe Goldberg

Joe fabricates a gas leak in both the book and the TV show to enter Beck’s flat for the first time. Joe starts to worry when Beck unexpectedly returns home early.

Yet in Kepnes’ book, Joe doesn’t hide at Beck’s apartment—he just sneaks away. One of the tensest scenes in the show’s first season features Joe hiding in her shower. This never happens in the books.

6. Peach Salinger Doesn’t Suspect Joe At All

Peach Salinger

Peach Salinger

Peach appears to be skeptical of Joe, which heightens the show’s tension. She doesn’t challenge Joe in the novels at all, which might surprise TV viewers.
Joe overcomes Peach in a violent struggle over a gun in the Netflix series. In the book, Joe confronts her on the beach, hits her in the head with a rock, stuffs her pockets full of stones, and throws her into the sea.

5. Joe Gets Arrested

Joe Gets Arrested

Joe Gets Arrested

In season one and book one, Joe is stopped by a cop following a car accident while heading to Peach’s house. He gives the officer his identity as Spencer Hewitt.

Officer Nico recognizes Joe as Dr. Nicky begins speaking to the media about a patient he believed to be Beck-obsessed.

Joe is imprisoned and stays imprisoned until Love gets pregnant when Officer Nico and Dr. Nicky realize that he was close to the Salinger property when Peach died and that he is obsessed with Beck.

4. Joe And Love Do Not Jointly Raise Their Baby

Joe And Love's Son

Joe And Love’s Son

In exchange for Joe’s promise to leave them alone, the Quinn family offers him $4 million and property after he is released from jail.

He agrees to an agreement that forbids him from ever speaking to Love or seeing his son. In the books, his son is referred to as Forty.

Even though Joe follows Love on Instagram to check on how his kid is doing, he never meets Baby Forty and ends his relationship with her.

3. Love Isn’t A Murderer 

Love Isn't A Murderer 

Love Isn’t A Murderer

Through season three, love increases her killing experience.

In the book, love never takes anyone’s life.

Joe murders Candace and Delilah by himself, Forty’s pair isn’t killed, and Love’s first husband, James, eventually dies in a surfing mishap.

2. There’s Not Much Insight On Candace In The Books

Candace And Joe

Candace And Joe

The only information the reader is given about Candace in the book is that she was one of Joe’s prior girlfriends and that he had killed her.

But in the show, Candace is given a complete plot. She is a troubled musician who ultimately signs with a producer (with whom she is in a relationship) and then relocates to Rome.

1. Marienne Is Mary Kay

Marienne And Joe

Marienne And Joe

Marienne, a separated recovering drug addict, is attempting to raise her small daughter with her terrible ex-husband. She is the librarian Joe falls for on the show.

In the book, Joe works with Mary Kay, a librarian who is still married at the time they meet.

Nomi, her daughter, is also older. She’s not a grade school girl; she’s a senior in high school.

Although Mary Kay does not struggle with addiction, her husband Phil does, and he passes away after relapsing.