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Trailer Confirms Hints of Shuri Being The New Black Panther

By Sumit Sahu
August 5,2022

Wakanda Forever: Black Panther 2’s trailer just blew the mind of Marvel fans.

We were all waiting for something new and fabulous from Marvel as Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder didn’t meet our expectations.

And BANG! Marvel dropped the trailer of next most awaited MCU movie. And the big question of the hour is, who will be the Black Panther without Chadwick?

Probably Shuri is going to carry the mantle of Wakandan warrior!

Trailer Hints On Shuri Being The Next Black Panther

Shuri's Necklace

Shuri’s Necklace

The trailer scene where Shuri shakes hand with Riri Williams, she is seen wearing a thin necklace.

This necklace hasn’t been seen in any of the other movies where Shuri got her screen time. And we are very well aware of how Black Panther’s new suit was compressed within the teeth of Prince T’Challa’s necklace.

Shuri has excelled her experiments with Vibranium, and this is one technology that impressed fans the most.

This thin necklace is probably holding the nano-suit for Shuri. It will be interesting to find out how upgraded Shuri’s suit will be.

Can Shuri Be A Great Warrior, Just Like She Is A Great Science Genius?

Shuri and Wakandan Throne

Shuri and Wakandan Throne

Shuri might not have shown the skills of a great warrior in the past movies, but she did had the courage to use her Vibranium guns at the End Game war field.

Her courage is what might have got her chosen at the first place for having the Heart-Shaped Herb. But did Shuri had to fight as a contender for being the Queen of Wakanda? Can we expect a traditional fight between two queen contenders?

As per the trailer, we didn’t see her on the Queen’s throne, as her mother was seen ruling Wakanda.

But right in the next scenes, Shuri was seen standing amidst fire in the throne room, where she was alone.

It can indicate that, after Shuri owned her powers to become the new Black Panther, the villain to the movie intervened the peace of the throne, and Shuri was left devastated. Probably, she was missing her brother.

We must wait for the movie to decide how Shuri will fight the battle alongside Riri Williams (Ironheart), to win over Wakanda from Namor.


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