Tribute to Stan Lee & Jack Kirby Made Through Thor’s Best Love Interest

For all of Marvel’s Thor’s romantic relationships, the best one was a tribute to two of his most prolific creators. It’s no surprise that the God of Thunder attracts a wide range of people from all walks of life, from humans to Asgardians to the inhabitants of the other realms, thanks to his dashing good looks, incredible strength, and unwavering courage. Thor: God of Thunder #12 introduces him to a love interest that comic book fans are enamored with for a variety of reasons.

When Blake Becomes Thor


In the beginning, Thor had no idea he was the god of thunder; he went about his business as the normally-appearing Dr. Donald Blake instead. A magical stick found by Blake turned into Mjolnir and made him Thor. Jane Foster, Blake’s first love interest, was much more attracted to “Thor” than Blake (typical of a comic book love interest in the Silver Age of Comics), but eventually, Blake realized he was Thor and his father Odin had cast him down to Midgard to teach him humility.

It wasn’t long before Thor’s list of potential suitors grew to include Jane Foster and Sif, Brunnhilde, and even the Enchantress herself (though this was not a relationship by choice, as Thor was under a magic spell at the time). Thor and Roz Solomon first meet on an SHIELD helicarrier during a cadets’ ball for new agents after a long battle with Gor. They had an instant connection (and Roz was more than a little starstruck, even as she steadfastly tried to inform Thor of her concern for the planet as an environmental scientist)

A Nod To Lee And Kirby

Stan Lee

Attractive comic book readers soon discovered that Roz Solomon’s name had a deeper significance than just being a love interest. That’s according to author Jason Aaron, who reveals this in his new book, The Art of War of the Realms “As a nod to Lee and Kirby, Roz is named as such. Solomon was the maiden’s name of Jack Kirby’s wife Roz and Stan Lee’s mother Stan. Because of that, I’m giving them a round of applause.” “Roz Goldstein” and “Celia Lieber” are references to Roz Goldstein (the wife of Jack Kirby) and Celia Lieber (Mother of Stan Lee, whose family name was Solomon).

It’s a shame that Roz Solomon doesn’t enjoy the same level of acclaim or popularity as Jane Foster or The Enchantress, especially after the MCU chose Foster to play Thor in his first solo outing. Solomon’s name is just one of many ways in which writers pay homage to their forebears. The character of Roz Solomon will live on in the annals of comic books because of her nod to Thor’s past love interests.