Ukraine Destroys Russian Landing Ship Through Media Propaganda

Ukraine has blown up a huge Russian ship just a few days after state media showed it unloading reinforcements from a captured port. Putin’s army is still taking heavy losses at the hands of Kyiv’s men. Before dawn on Thursday, the Ukrainian navy said they’d shot down a 370-foot Russian tanker called the Orsk, which was at anchor in the seized port of Berdyansk in southern Ukraine. It looked like thick black smoke came from the port as one ship was on fire and two others were leaving. One of them looked like it had been damaged.

The Ukrainian navy has destroyed an Alligator-class Russian landing ship and damaged two others who were unloading reinforcements and supplies at the captured port of Berdyansk.

Three days before the strike, Russian state media had shown the Orsk docked at the port, where it was unloading armored vehicles that it said were going to help troops in the nearby city of Mariupol. This led to speculation that Ukraine might use the video to target the vessel. He later said it was “beyond reasonable doubt” that an Alligator-class ship had been blown up at the port. For Vladimir Putin’s army, this is the biggest ship that Ukrainian forces have been able to hit so far. It comes after NATO said that Russia has lost up to 40,000 men in just over a month of fighting. That’s a quarter of the 150,000 troops that were there before the invasion. It means that the force that is left is at risk of becoming ineffective on the field, making it more vulnerable to Ukrainian counterattacks.

Flames and smoke are seen rising from what appears to be a Russian Alligator-class landing ship.

As of Wednesday, Ukraine claimed to have retaken territory to the west of Kyiv, leaving Russian forces in Bucha and Irpin at risk of being surrounded. They could be cut off from the rest of the Russian army, which could lead to mass surrenders and one of the most devastating defeats of the war so far. If that happens, it could be one of the most devastating defeats so far. During the last few days, there have been a lot of conflicting reports about the situation near Kyiv. The British Ministry of Defense said late Tuesday that “Ukrainian forces have been able to successfully counterattack against Russian positions in towns near the capital, and have probably retaken Makariv and Moschun.”

Smoke and flames rise over the port of Berdyansk, located in the south of Ukraine and occupied by Russian forces, as Kyiv’s navy claims to have hit the Orsk – a huge Russian tank-carrier.

‘There is a good chance that Ukrainian forces can now surround Russian units in Bucha and Irpin,’ says the author. On Thursday morning, a new report said that most likely, Russian forces have lost a lot of people’ and that Vladimir Putin wants to use private military companies and foreign mercenaries to help.’

But, it said, it’s not clear how these forces would fit into the Russian army and how effective they would be in battle. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked people around the world to show their support for Ukraine on Thursday, the one-month anniversary of the Russian invasion, as he prepared to speak to U.S. President Joe Biden in Brussels.

Footage posted online late Wednesday showed what appears to be a Russian tank exploding into a ball of flames.

It says, “Come to your squares and streets.” “Make yourself visible and be heard,” Zelenskyy said in English during an emotional video address late Wednesday that was filmed in the dark near the presidential offices in Kyiv. The video was shot in the dark. ‘Say that people are important. Freedom is important. Peace is important. Ukraine is important When Russia launched its biggest attack on Ukraine since World War II on Feb. 24, the country’s government looked set to fall quickly. But after a month of fighting, Moscow is stuck in a long-running military campaign of attrition because Ukraine has been fighting back hard.