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Ukraine Relations With Greece Have Been Cold Since Zelensky’s Speech

By Abraham George
April 19,2022

Volodymyr Zelensky was getting a lot of praise for his marathon speeches to parliaments around the world, no matter if they were in Washington or Tel Aviv. He was trying to get support for the long-running Russo-Ukraine war. Comedian: The former stand-up is now betting on technology, and he’s been using video addressing to strengthen his stand. He’s made big calls to save Ukraine through this method.

Zelensky’s small victories with video conferencing were praised by politicians from all walks of life, but when it came to Athens, the “lion of Kyiv” failed. There was a big walkout from parliament by a lot of MPs who said that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had betrayed the Greek people with his high-strung rhetoric. The Greeks were angry for a good reason, and it’s likely that the Ukrainian president’s long-running video antics are over. Canada is said to be spending more money on Ukrainian militias than on its own military.

When Zelensky sent a video byte to the Greek parliament, it made space for an Azov fighter to ask the Greeks to help the Ukrainians fight against the Russians. The presence of the Azov battalion group inside the Greek parliament made a lot of parliamentarians angry. They stormed out of parliament in protest at the Ukrainian president’s risky job as head of state. The Azov battalion is an armed group of fighters. They are known for the ruthless purges they get into while in battle. The group of armed fighters has been accused of doing bad things in the city of Mariupol before. They have been accused of killing civilians in large numbers. Allowing groups like this to fight and kill on a whim is enough to make the Greeks angry. Among the charges against the Azov is the killing of more than 1, 20,000 Greek civilians in the city of Mariupol.

Greece And Ukraine's relations seem to hae been broiled in Controversy amid Ukraine President Zelensky's Speech

Greece And Ukraine’s relations seem to have been broiled in controversy amid Ukraine President Zelensky’s Speech

Azov soldier: “I was born in Mariupol. I help defend the city from the Russian Nazis.” I won’t talk about how hard it is for us to defend ourselves when we fight with the Azov Battalion. I owe my city, my city, and myself. I also owe myself as a man, and I have to talk about the terrible situation in Mariupol, Greece, where the Greeks live. People in Ukraine have been fighting against authoritarian forces in Russia for a long time. but now they’re giving space to a group of people who have a long history of crimes against people in Greece.

“The Greek government was irresponsible when it gave the floor to a Nazi,” said the Greek response. People have to do a lot. Nikos Kotzias, a former foreign affairs minister, said that the government should make a detailed report about how the event was planned and how it went. Afterwards, Greece has decided to stop its gesture politics with Ukraine right away. Both the opposition and the government in Greece were against Zelensky’s rogue move. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis suddenly changed his tone with Ukraine.

Greece has decided to stop giving weapons to Ukraine, the ministry of defense said. The ministry told people that there were not enough weapons to help Ukraine fight for a long time. Also, it’s worth noting that Greece was one of the first countries in Europe to send a few artillery pieces to Kyiv in response to Russia’s move into the country. An explanation of this policy change in Greek isn’t going to make sense. Because Zelensky did something that was crazy, things need to go back to the way they were before. Before then, Athens will watch the fight.

Despite the fact that the Russia-Ukraine conflict is now in its seventh week, the Greek government has confirmed that Athens will not be sending any additional military equipment to Ukraine. Greek government spokesperson Ioannis Oikonomou confirmed at a briefing on Friday that Greece would stop shipments of weapons to war-torn Ukraine, according to Russian news agency TASS. It was not made clear by the official, however, if the Greeks had previously sent Stinger man-portable air defense systems to Kyiv.

“There is nothing new in this direction from what has been done so far,” said a Greek government official when asked if the country planned to send more military equipment to Ukraine. According to Oikonomou, “Nothing like that is being discussed.” He emphasized that Greece’s defense capabilities have not been weakened by the equipment it has sent to Ukraine in the past.