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Ukrainian President Thanks Elon Musk For Major Starlink Donation

By Abraham George
March 6,2022

The Ukrainian president has thanked Elon Musk for setting up the Starlink satellite internet service for “destroyed cities” that were occupied by Russia during the war.

Vladimir Zelensky said he was “grateful” to the Tesla founder because he helped Ukraine with “words and deeds” when the country was under attack.

People and government officials in Ukraine were able to stay connected to the internet this week thanks to SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, which went live over the country earlier this week. Vladimir Putin’s forces kept bombing cities across the country.

Vladimir Zelensky - President of Ukraine

Vladimir Zelensky – President of Ukraine

It took Russian troops a long time to get the internet and phone lines back up in a lot of big cities after they were hit.

He said that he talked to Mr. Musk on Saturday, and that more satellites would be sent to Ukraine.

He said, “I’m grateful to him for supporting Ukraine with both words and actions.” During the next week, we will get another batch of Starlink systems for cities that have been destroyed.

He said they also talked about space projects. “But I’ll talk about this after the war.”

Starlink To Help In Tracking

When the mayor of Kyiv showed off Starlink systems that arrived on Saturday, he said they would help protect the city’s critical infrastructure and defend it against Russian troops.

Starlink internet doesn’t use a lot of fiber-optic cable. Instead, it uses satellites in low orbit in space. Use a kit from SpaceX to read the messages being sent back to Earth. This is how people do it.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

When Ukraine’s vice prime minister asked him to help keep the internet running during the attack from Russia, Mr. Musk said that he would activate satellites over Ukraine and send terminals.

He also told Ukraine that these systems could be easy for opposition groups to get because they have been sent to the country.

With its full-scale invasion of Ukraine 11 days ago, Russia has bombarded the cities with missiles and fought a lot across the country. Hundreds of people are thought to have been killed, and more than 1.5 million are thought to have fled.