Ukrainian Woman Finds Husband Mutilated By Russian Soldiers In A Pit

Anguished and distraught After Russians killed her son and took over her home, a Ukrainian mother was forced to move his body in a wheelbarrow. This is the latest heartbreaking story to emerge from the war. In her garden, Iryna Kostenko sobbed over her son’s homemade grave as she revealed that Putin’s forces had broken into her home in Kyiv on March 10. Oleksei, her 27-year-old son, had served in the military but was returning to work at a garage when he was shot dead. She told the BBC: ‘It’s so excruciating.'” I’m on my own now. At the time, he was just 27 years old. In his heart, he wanted to live.’

A grief-stricken Ukrainian mother had to move her son’s dead body in a wheelbarrow after Russians killed him and took over their house.

In the wake of his death, Iryna, was forced to flee her home, where the Russians had taken control and were partying in her garden while they dumped their empty bottles of vodka, gin, whisky, rum, and beer. Iryna had to carry Oleksei’s body back home in a wheelbarrow after the house was largely destroyed by shelling. Tanya Nedashkivska discovered her husband’s rotting corpse after he was detained by Russian soldiers in another tragic incident. Vasyl Ivanovych, a naval officer, was found dead in a Bucharest building cellar. Tanya had been searching for her beloved husband when she found his body, which she recognized by his sneakers and pants.

Tanya Nedashkivska (pictured) found her husband’s rotting corpse after he was arrested by Russian soldiers.

‘His body was cold and mutilated,’ she said. They gave him a gentle nudge in the right direction. He’d been tortured and mutilated after being shot in the head. Just last week, a mass grave near Kyiv was discovered containing the remains of at least 20 civilians, including a mayor and her family. Olga Sukhenko, the mayor of Motyzhyn, a town about 20 miles west of Bucha, was buried with her husband and son, according to Ukraine’s former ambassador to Austria Olexander Scherba, who discovered the pit in a wooded area.

The widow weeps at the grave of her husband in the latest horrific story to emerge from war-torn Ukraine.

At least 19 other bodies, including those of Ms Sukhenko’s family members, had been rolled into the hastily dug pit. Some of the bodies showed signs of torture. In the town of Kopyliv, the mayor stated that Sukhenko was found with broken fingers and arms, while a Motyzhyn resident claimed that Russian soldiers killed any Ukrainian officials who refused to cooperate. Others had reported that on March 23, the mayor and her family had been abducted by Russians and taken somewhere unknown. As Russian troops leave the area, a mass grave containing the bodies of at least 57 civilians has been unearthed in a 45-foot pit in Bucha.

Archbishop Serhii Kaplychnyi, who heads local rescue services, said that at least 57 civilians had been buried in a 45ft-deep grave dug in Bucha’s grassy area behind a nearby church. Other officials estimate that the number is closer to 300. Russian troops were still in control of the area when satellite images were taken on March 31. These images clearly show the existence of the grave, which proves Moscow’s lie that it was dug by Ukrainian forces. Satellite firm Maxar claims to have captured images of the pit’s construction as far back as March 10.

Oleksei, 27, had served in the army but was going to work at his job changing tires at a garage when he was killed.

The Ukrainian military released footage showing what appeared to be a ‘torture chamber’ in a barracks building used by Russian troops in Bucha, Romania. The dead bodies of innocent bystanders were arranged in a line along a basement wall, kneeling in respect. The military said that at least one of the victims had been shot in the knee before they were killed. It was claimed that Russian tanks had run over some of the dead and squashed them like animal skin rugs. Witnesses claimed to have witnessed soldiers open fire on elderly civilians in front of their families.