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Ultron’s MCU Return May Happen In 3 Ways, Thanks To Doctor Strange 2

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 23,2022

There are three possible ways in which Ultron’s MCU return may become a reality. This will most likely be so following his apparent demise in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fans of the MCU expect a lot of Doctor Strange cameos and surprises, as any Marvel character, dead, alive, or nonexistent within the MCU, can appear in the form of an alternate. Some characters are more likely to appear in Multiverse of Madness than others, including Captain Carter, and Professor X. Ultron’s sentries were shown accompanying Doctor Strange to his judgment. He is also one of the MCU characters that have been teased for a return.

Ultron is one of the Avengers’ most powerful villains, in part because he isn’t limited to a single body. He can send his conscience to any of his sentries. Furthermore, he can do nearly anything he wants on the internet as a rogue A.I. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, it was established that Ultron was killed when Vision destroyed his final sentry. However, considering the nature of his strengths, this presumed death remains a questionable conclusion. In the MCU, Ultron was defeated nearly a decade ago, and there have been no hints of his return. It’s possible that after Doctor Strange 2, Ultron will make a comeback in a variety of forms.

Any Marvel character could be introduced or reintroduced to the main MCU universe in Doctor Strange 2 Ultron, on the other hand, has a better chance of returning than anyone else. As it stands, the robot villain has at least three chances to return in Phase 4. Here’s how he can return and when fans can expect to see him again in the near future.

An Ultron Program Definitely Exists In The Multiverse

Ultron With infinity Stones

Ultron With infinity Stones

As a result of the Super Bowl trailer for the sequel, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Ultron will return to the MCU as a multiversal variant that the Avengers were unable to defeat. Ultron sentries shown in the trailer appear to be far more advanced than Iron Man’s Iron Legion and the kind Ultron employed in the final battle of Avengers: Age of Ultron. We may never know for sure whether the rumored Superior Iron Man created an Ultron program that protected the multiverse, but it’s possible.

This magnanimous Ultron program could go rogue after the arrival of Scarlet Witch, and the fate of the universe may be unavoidable across all dimensions. Doctor Strange, Christine Palmer, and America Chavez may have escaped while Ultron bots battle a villainous Scarlet Witch in the second trailer, which hinted at a battle between Wanda Maximoff and the Illuminati. As long as one of the remaining Ultron sentries is still around, another AI uprising could occur in the MCU. This would be similar to how in Avengers: Age of Ultron, a shabby sentry from the Iron Legion heralded the arrival of the villain and his robotic army. Another option is to find Ultron’s backup in the MCU and bring him back to life.

Supreme Strange And The Return Of A Multiversal Ultron

Doctor Strange with the Ultron Bots

Doctor Strange

Several months before Doctor Strange 2’s second trailer was made public, Marvel teased the possibility of a more powerful Ultron’s return. The look of the corrupted Supreme Strange in the first trailer implies the eternal battle between What If’s? …Killmonger and Ultron has been interrupted, as Supreme Strange has vowed to watch over them forever. The multiversal Ultron and Killmonger could be out there trying to conquer other realities now that Supreme Strange is free and the multiverse is in disarray..

It is, however, very different from the Ultron of Avengers: Age of Ultron. How much more powerful is Ultron from What If?’s…universe,  even if he doesn’t have all the Infinity Stones in his arsenal? In addition, Black Widow injected Arnim Zola’s virus into this Ultron, causing it to deteriorate. Ultron’s return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may indicate the existence of a live-action version of What If…Ultron.? But it’s feasible that he won’t be brandishing the Infinity Stones. It is conceivable that they were taken from him by the Killmonger he was trapped with after the events of What If…? The pairing of Ultron, Vision, and Zola would still make him a thrilling triple threat.

Doctor Strange 2 May Lead To A Real Age Of Ultron



When the Ultron sentries appear in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it’s possible that Ultron will make a more direct appearance. This could be an alternate universe for the What If…? episode 8 universe, where Ultron was able to take over the world with the help of a multiversal Superior Iron Man. This, as opposed to a multiversal Infinity Stone-wielding Vision and Arnim Zola.

Ultron’s reign over this reality was depicted as a truly apocalyptic event in the original comic book storyline, rather than as an isolated incident in the Infinity Saga. What If…? Marvel Zombies is being introduced to live-action in Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness, after all. RDJ’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow are inescapably linked to Ultron and the Avengers’ fight against him. It’s still possible that a full-length film or series could be made in a universe where Ultron triumphed.

Ultron’s Cameo In Phase 4 May Happen

Ultron With infinity Stones

Ultron With infinity Stones

There is a possibility that Ultron could return to the MCU in a number of future films and television shows. However, this will happen only if the Multiverse of Madness allows. In Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Kang’s time-traveling abilities could help him join Ultron’s ranks. This would allow Hank Pym, Ultron’s original creator in the comics, to converse with the villain. In addition, the return of Tony Stark’s most dangerous creation could add another layer of drama to Iron Man’s legacy with the return of Ironheart and Armor Wars. Ultron will have another opportunity to leave a lasting impression on MCU history if a Young Avengers film or television show is made.


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