9 Underrated Animated Movies You Should Know

Behind many cool and new projects (not consistently successful), there are always classics of underrated animated movies. The problem is not that they are bad

By Kunal sharma
September 26,2023
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Behind many cool and new projects (not consistently successful), there are always classics of underrated animated movies. The problem is not that they are bad but that modern audiences expect something on the level of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. To prove that there are still a lot of cool projects, we decided to create a compilation of animated movies, which, for one reason or another, did not find the love and hype of a large audience today.


Anime has always been something unusual for many viewers outside of Japan. The art, eyes, twitchy animations and many other differences make this genre quite specific. To change this, director Takeshi Koike and screenwriter Katsuhito Ishii spent 7 years creating Redline. The film is set in the distant future, where a racer, Joshua “JP” Punkhead, takes great risks to win galaxy-famous races.

The plot is simple, isn’t it? The director wanted to convey a simple plot of a new world where people travel to different planets, play in an online casino on Mars, and get acquainted with new types of life, and all this revolves around a plot with simple races.

The Iron Giant

At some point, The Iron Giant was actively discussed on TikTok, gained considerable views and rose a little in the rankings on IMDb. But still, initially, the project was not so successful. The cartoon is based on the book by British writer Ted Hughes and essentially repeats the ideas laid down by the author. The film is underrated because Brad Bird does not try to address his work to a children’s audience, while his work was filmed as an animated movie.

Flushed Away

Strange and, at the same time, unusual animated movies about rats and other animals. Perhaps the viewer didn’t like this project too much because of the art. We also thought that rats could be the cause, but a year later, Ratatouille was released, which has a higher rating than Flushed Away, so the option with rats is no longer necessary. The problem is most likely in the graphics; it’s not bad, but still, the cartoon is not as beautiful as other similar cartoons like Chicken Run. But still ideal for family viewing.


A project from Pixar which removed the templates of this studio. What templates are we talking about? Remember Lightning McQueen – The Best Racer, The Incredibles – The Strongest Superheroes, Ratatouille – The Genius Rat Cook, etc. In Pixar films, there are always those who are the best or try to become the best. 

In Elemental, the authors decided to show a simple life where the main characters are ordinary citizens with problems and emotions that do not affect the universe in any way.

Sausage Party

It is a frank, mature, underrated comedy that shouldn’t be shown to children. The plot is unusual and, to some extent, unique, which adds to the rating. But excesses of emotions, screams, and rude words are minus. In general, what viewers expect from a Sausage Party R-rated project.


The combination of childhood fantasies, comfort, gothic style and the plots of the Brothers Grim fairy tales in one world created a unique universe. Despite the PG age rating, the main essence and message of the directors of Coraline will not even be understood by all adults. On the one hand, it is a movie for children (as it seemed); on the other, it is a gothic illusion about suicide, paranoid thoughts and procrastination.


A simple and easy animated movie about how important it is to be humane and not give in to difficulties, even when it seems to you that you are the unluckiest person in the universe. Perhaps because of such a simple plot and not fully developed details of the characters, the project did not receive so many great ratings, but it is still worth attention.

A Monster in Paris

A more musical version of “Beauty and the Beast” but with more detailed graphics. Vanessa Paradis again captivated the audience with her voice and added French charm to the film. As in the case of Flushed Away, the main character (the flea) spoiled the rating a little, but this did not make the movie worse.

Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings is a project in which the visual part is much higher than the plot. If you like to enjoy high-quality animation and listen to the voices of such stars as Charlize Theron and Matthew McConaughey, then the plot will be just a light accompaniment to the whole show for you. Dark colours dominate this cartoon. Its atmosphere is just as shady as mysterious and somewhat reminiscent of dark shonen from the anime world.