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Unexpected Cameos We Got To Witness In She Hulk’s Episode 3

By Siddhant Chawla
September 2,2022

She-Hulk Attorney At Law’s new episode just dropped and surprised the fans with some unexpected cameos. Fans had already speculated Wong’s cameo to be in this week’s episode but they weren’t ready for another one in the same episode.

She-Hulk Attorney At Law might be a TV show revolving around everyone except Jennifer Walters. With more and more characters being brought back, the audience’s focus will start to move on them instead of the protagonist of the show.

Fans now address the MCU as “M She-U”, trolling the continuous shift of the story towards the side characters. Let’s take a look at some of the cameos we had this week. The funny fourth wall break of this episode reminds us of who the show revolves around.

1. Wong



One of the most awaited cameos on the show has been The New Sorcerer Supreme Wong. After his cameo in Shang Chi, Spiderman No Way Home, and She-Hulk, Wong has been the most appeared superhero in Marvel’s phase 4.

In today’s episode, we see Wong helping Jennifer Walters get Emil Blonsky parole, by defending him over their underground fight.

Though he didn’t play that big of a role in the episode, Wong is now a criminal, for allegedly breaking Emil Blonsky out of his prison.

2. Runa, The Shape-Shifting Light Elf

Runa, The Shape-Shifting Light Elf

Runa, The Shape-Shifting Light Elf

Marvel normalizes the presence of the Asgardians on earth with the cameo of Runa, The Shape-Shifting Light Elf. The Shape-Shifting Light Elves are a race that belongs to Alfeim, one of the Nine Worlds that exist corresponding to Asgard on the World Tree.

The word ‘Elf’ takes us back to 2013’s Thor The Dark World, which features the Dark Elves. The Light Elves on the other hand live in peace with Asgard. As shown in the show they moved with the Asgardians to earth after the destruction of Asgard.

Runa appears in the series as a fraudster who shape-shifted and posed to be Megan Thee-Stallion and robbed lawyer Dennis Bukowski of almost 200 million dollars.

3. Mallory Book

Mallory Book

Mallory Book

Mallory Book is one of Jennifer Walters’s work rivals, at the Superhuman Law divisions. Their rivalry has been famous within the Marvel comics. This small cameo in the future might turn out to be a big chunk in She Hulk’s life.

The show might change their famous rivalry into friendship as they are reportedly to fight a case against Titania.

4. Megan Thee-Stallion

She Hulk, Megan Thee-Stallion

She Hulk, Megan Thee-Stallion

The most surprising cameo in the episode was of the famous Grammy Award winner Megan Thee-Stallion. After Runa, the Shape-Shifting Light Elf robbed Mr. Bukowski posing as her, the case had been brought to court.

In the final hearing of the court, we got to see Megan Thee-Stallion herself in court. Again, it wasn’t an elf, it was the Grammy winner herself.

The post-credit scene of the episode again featured Megan Thee-Stallion hiring She Hulk as her new lawyer. She Hulk twerking with her might also be the best thing about today’s episode.

Is this the end of cameos? Well, we’ve still got Daredevil’s cameo left which might be worth the wait.

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