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Unusual Captain America Easter Egg Hidden In Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 17,2021

There is no doubt that the threequel will be one of the most anticipated film events of all time, given that its first trailer shattered records and because of the unprecedented demand for additional information and content.

Fortunately, the second trailer appears to have been well worth the wait! New villains and Doctor Strange dialogue were revealed, and fans saw more of Tom Holland’s Spidey in action. They also got a sneak peek at an epic battle atop a familiar landmark with a new look.

Easter eggs in Spider-Man: No Way Home include a Captain America one

The Statue of Liberty is featured in the latest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Tom Holland’s Spider-Man takes on the film’s cast of villains. New scenes show Lady Liberty surrounded by scaffolding and appear to be wielding Captain America’s iconic shield!

Additionally, in addition to the footage of Holland’s Spidey swinging past a massive and copper-colored shield, another shot shows the massive shield falling and ripping through layers of scaffolding.

Captain America’s Shield and Spider-No Man’s Way Home


Earlier this year, an image of a Queens bus stop with a poster of Lady Liberty holding the Captain America shield appeared on The New Way Home set, which featured a social media hashtag #MyLibertyAvenger. According to renowned scooper Charles Murphy, a key scene in the film will feature a repurposed Statue of Liberty.

A copper-colored statue of Lady Liberty in No Way Home suggests that New York City has not only a new Avenger but a statue that represents Captain America and The Avengers, unlike the current green-oxidized version in our universe. Since this scene includes most of the film’s villains and Peter’s best friend Ned, and girlfriend MJ, Murphy correctly assessed how important this scene would be. The trailer’s final scene shows Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange atop the statue’s torch as purple, multiverse streaks of light illuminate the sky.

Lady Liberty Raises Her Sword in Victory


In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, Captain America’s shield was given to Sam Wilson by Steve Rogers. When The Falcon and The Winter Soldier first came out, people were more interested in the government’s selection of John Walker to be the new Captain America and theories about where Roger’s Cap had vanished, one of which included a trip to our nearest satellite, the moon.

Since Steve Rogers was born and raised in Brooklyn, a “Cap Craze” makes sense in the MCU. Still, it isn’t clear to which Captain America the new Lady Liberty is paying homage to. As a side note, it’s worth noting that the No Way Home location isn’t the only Marvel location to pay homage to Captain America’s shield. Captain America: The First Avenger’s original shield and a nod to Steve Rogers were shown in the first trailer for Eternals.

No Way Home’s climactic battle and possibly Holland’s Peter Parker’s ultimate test will take place in this epic location – and one that is truly New York – thanks to the Avengers-style makeover of this American icon.

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