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Vanessa Hudgens Flaunts Her Flawless Legs In A Red Swimsuit

By Celeb Staff
April 1,2022

Recently, High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens took to Instagram to share a series of pictures as she enjoyed a beautiful day out at the beach wearing a red swimsuit showing off that accentuated her flawless curves. The American actress captioned the picture with one of the most wonderful messages ever. It read: “Why see the world, when you got the beach. Sweet life??.” Vanessa wore a monokini-style suit featuring a high hip that made her slender-toned legs look fascinatingly long.

Spring Break In Florida With Beau

Vanessa Hudgens

She is having the time of her life on her spring break in Florida.

The actress is in Florida for spring break. And clearly, she’s having a dazzling and comfortable time in the sun. And we’re all for it! Vanessa Hudgens’ current boyfriend, who is professional baseball player Cole Tucker, left a flirty comment on her picture. “Oh my,” he wrote. To which she playfully responded, “@cotuck had a great photographer ?”.

The next day, Hudgens updated her Instagram feed with a cute black and white selfie where she stuck her tongue out. And her beau Tucker, squinted his eyes behind her. “Sun Girl and Moon Boy,” she wrote in the caption. Tucker committed to the moon and heart emoji. Vanessa’s Florida getaway comes with a reason. Her boyfriend Tucker’s baseball team’s spring training facility is located in Florida.

Vanessa Hudgens

Hudgens looks mesmerizing in a red swimsuit

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker first started going out in November last year. But the couple officially made their relationship public two months later, on Valentine’s Day months while holding hands and cozying up to each other in Los Angeles.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa and boyfriend Tucker cozy up and make their relationship public on Valentine’s Day.

The actress’ fabulous physique is not something she achieved overnight. Vanessa is a fitness fanatic; she works out six days a week and is used to starting her day early in the morning. 

She Is An Early Bird

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa dazzles in an outdoor photoshoot

However, the actress has her own reasons behind following this routine. Hudgens has revealed how she has days when she is more occupied and productive than others. But it does not matter how much work she gets done in the day; she still feels emotionally fulfilled at the end. In fact, she also enjoys her family and friends’ company.

“To be self-motivated consistently is almost a daydream,” she said. “I reach out to friends to hold me accountable.”

despite the two precious years that the pandemic and lockdown situations stole from many, Vanessa has stayed motivated and positive throughout the period of time. Back in 2020, she posted several videos which featured the actress indulging in some battle ropes and resistance band workouts.

Vanessa Likes Having People Around

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa with Cole at the Van Gogh museum

In addition, Hudgens has also talked about how she feels great when she is surrounded by people during her work-outs.

“I’m the type of person that needs to be in a class. I need someone telling me what to do, and I love being in a group environment because I’m very competitive, so it pushes me to work harder than I would if I was by myself.”

When Vanessa can afford the time, she adds some Pilates work-outs to her regime as well.

Needless to say, a body as marvelous as hers needs a healthy and balanced diet to keep going. On many occasions, Vanessa Hudgens has revealed that she is not the biggest cook. But the actress follows a keto diet. She also has a favorite place that fulfills all her cravings. She often visits a little restaurant to have her favorite breakfast.

“This crispy rice that has vegetables, avocado, and eggs on it,” the actress described her go-to meal.

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