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Venom 3 Is Official – What Could Be The Possible Outcomes From Sony

By Abraham George
April 27,2022

Following the critical and financial success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony Pictures has continued to work on expanding their own Spider-Man film library outside of the MCU. This enterprise began with Tom Hardy’s Venom films in 2018 and 2021, prior to the critical and financial disappointment of Morbius and before Madame Web and Kraven the Hunter.

Hardy’s debut outing as Eddie Brock and his symbiotic alien best friend surprised the globe, grossing over $850 million worldwide and receiving an 81 percent Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score. With a $90 million opening weekend take, Venom: Let There Be Carnage helped propel the global box office back to prominence three years later, with the best non-No Way Home total of the year.

With both films performing well enough to compete with other prominent superhero franchises, it only seems a matter of time before this duo of pictures becomes a full trilogy. After a brief appearance in the MCU courtesy to Peter Parker and Doctor Strange, Sony appears to be ready to return to the Venom universe. Sony Pictures stated at CinemaCon 2022, through Variety, that they have officially greenlit the development of a third Venom film. There was no additional official information regarding the threequel, such as its cast or projected release date.

Tom Hardy Was Interested For A Trilogy

Tom Hardy Ad Venom

Tom Hardy As Venom

Even with all of their flaws, Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage were well-received by fans and critics alike. This franchise is helping to keep Sony’s Spider-Man universe lucrative for the time being, with over $1.3 billion in total box office receipts and more good reviews than past Sony entrants.

Tom Hardy has already commented about what he wants to see in a third Venom film, expressing his desire to take the tale even further than he did in the first two. It’s uncertain whether filmmaker Andy Serkis will return, and it’ll be some time before we learn more about what Eddie and Venom will confront in the sequel.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans last saw Eddie and Venom being whisked out of the MCU after Doctor Strange’s spell restored normalcy to the planet. That event will undoubtedly leave a mark on them, and even if half of the Venom symbiote has remained in the MCU, they still have plenty of challenges to face at home.

Tom Hardy, star of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, speaks with ET Canada on where the franchise could go with a third instalment. Hardy looked at how each movie in a hypothetical threequel uses its own “infrastructure” to tell the story and how the subsequent films build on what worked in earlier instalments:

“I believe you should always keep an eye on… When it comes to things that occur in threes at the moment, and if they develop further, the initial blockage of infrastructure or a series of franchise movies is usually one, two, and three, and done. So, if Venom 1 was successful, it was offered with the two, and if that was successful, it was presented with the three. As a result, one must consider the entire scenario.”

After establishing the character’s baseline, the process shifts to “taking them on a journey” and finding for new ways to “grow greater” from film to film: “You must first create a character. If they enjoy it, you can take them on a journey. Carnage is obviously a high priest in that element of the characters’ arcana. It’s either ‘Wow, you’ve got to go bigger,’ or you go lateral and continue to unpack the world.”


Venom versus Spiderman in the works?

Venom versus Spiderman in the works? A possible venom-verse may happen soon

Hardy also teased the existence of a “Venom-Verse” in addition to the popular Spider-Verse, stating lots of “canon, lore, and mythology” that may be explored in the future. Hardy sounds excited about where a third Venom film may lead the anti-hero, teasing the idea of having “the right people and the right planning”:

“There’s a Venom-Verse, as well as a Spider-Verse, multiverses, and a plethora of canon, lore, and mythology to delve into both laterally and forward in time. I believe that with the appropriate people, proper planning, audience feedback, and knowledge, it’s all about making the correct decisions at the right time… Even with foresight into where things may go in the future or where they aspire to go, the alchemy of what it will be is a blend of all of those.”

While Tom Hardy did an excellent job of keeping his teases for a hypothetical third film ambiguous, his words open up some intriguing possibilities for the Venom franchise’s future. Since Sony still holds the rights to everything Spider-Man, fans are always waiting for a crossover between the MCU’s Spider-Man and Sony’s ever expanding universe. With Hardy citing “the proper individuals and…planning,” he could be hinting at something related to that crossover being a reality in the future.

No Way Home Establishes Venom 3

Spider-Man_ No Way Home Writers Discussed Having Venom In Final Battle

Spider-Man No Way Home Writers Discussed Having Venom In Final Battle

Hardy’s explicit reference of multiverses should send shockwaves through the media, especially as the MCU is about to dive headfirst into the notion. The narrative extension into other universes, which began with Loki and continued into Spider-Man: No Way Home and beyond, could easily lead to Venom and other Sony films interacting with Marvel Studios’ blockbusters.

Some of Marvel and Sony’s senior executives have spoken about the possibility of this being adapted for the big screen, despite the fact that both universes operate in perfect isolation at the present. If that changes for Venom 3, it’s a mystery that won’t be solved for a long time, but Hardy’s teases leave the door open for Sony to do so.

Spider-Man has only been featured in the MCU thanks to Tom Holland’s performance since Marvel Studios’ association with Sony Pictures (outside of the full trio from Spider-Man: No Way Home). Given how much of Sony’s universe revolves around Spider-Man villains and characters the web-slinger has partnered up with, it’s safe to assume that some form of Spider-Man will make an appearance.

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