Vicky Pattison Shows Off Her Cleavage By Going Braless

Vicky Pattison looked lovely in a dazzling silver crop top as she shared a flood of stunning photos of herself.

The 34-year-old reality actress looked like a disco ball in the glittery outfit, with a plunging neckline to show her enormous cleavage. She wore it with black sticky pants that clung to her contours as she posed in the glamorous combination.


Her lustrous blonde hair was done in loose curls and permitted to fall down her back, and she finished her look with a full face of bright makeup. Since dating Ercan Ramadan for three years, Vicky recently said that she plans to freeze her eggs next month because she doesn’t want to rush him into having a kid.

As she prepares to pay for the treatment, the former Geordie Shore star maintained that the £10k procedure should be considered a ‘fundamental human right.’ ‘I know I should probably get a move on, and I can’t remember who I was speaking to fairly recently, but the penny dropped,’ Vicky remarked on her podcast, The Secret To, to Vogue Williams.

‘And I’m going to freeze my eggs in [January] because I’m just not there yet, you know?’They do keep an eye on you during this process, don’t they? It’s similar to “You want to defy biology because you believe you are greater than Mother Nature. Give us ten thousand pounds “‘A formalized paraphrase’ And I’m thinking, ‘f**k off, mate, this should be a basic human right.’

‘We’re not ready, I know we’re not, but bless him, Ercan’s 28, and I don’t want to push his timetable for the sake of my own,’ she said of having children with her partner. And end up with someone who is probably resentful and wasn’t prepared for that kind of [responsibility] and [pressure].

‘Some days, I feel like hooking him into buying [the dog] Milo is too much. “Come on, Vicky, you’re in a loving relationship, just do it,” half of me says. But the other part of me feels like there are so many things telling me I’m not quite there.’

Source: Daily Mail

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