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Vishanti in Doctor Strange 2: How A New Sorcerer Supreme Could Be Chosen

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 8,2022

The Vishanti in Doctor Strange 2 would be a pinnacle point for Doctor Strange. Together they may choose a new Sorcerer Supreme from among themselves. As a direct result of the Ancient One’s death in Doctor Strange, Earth was left vulnerable to magical threats. Wong warned that news of the Ancient One’s death would spread across the multiverse. “Word of the Ancient One’s death will spread throughout the multiverse”. We now know the answer to NWH. Because he simply took the position, Wong may have fallen short of the mystical standards set by the Ancient One.

During the Blip, Stephen Strange claims that Wong was chosen as Sorcerer Supreme. This was so because he had been obliterated by Strange, the other contender. Oversimplifying is probably in his best interest. The Ancient One died up to a year before Thanos snapped his fingers.¬† The selection of a new Sorcerer Supreme seemed to be an urgent matter. This was so that the entire plane of existence could be protected. However, it’s possible that neither of them truly understands what it means to be Sorcerer Supreme.

Wong may be well-versed, but the Ancient One had many tricks up his sleeve. Her long tenure as Sorcerer Supreme was only made possible by the Dark Dimension; no evidence exists that she kept detailed records detailing how she came to assume the role in the first place. It’s possible that the comics hold the key to the mystery, and a recent poster seems to support that theory.

How Comic Book Sorcerers Are Selected


Comic book Sorcerers Supreme aren’t free agents; they’re picked for them. Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment graphic novel reveals that this trio of benevolent beings is devoted to protecting this dimension from cosmic threats. Ancient gods known as “Vishanti” once ruled Earth, and Oshtur was their first. Due to her brethren’s discovery that they could gain power by consuming their own magic, a cannibalistic war broke out that devastated the world. Fortunately, Osh tur was exploring alternate dimensions at the time, and she learned of their plight with sadness. Afraid of the actions of her fellow Elder Gods, such as Chthon and Shuma-Gorath, Osh-tur swore an oath not to intervene directly in Earth’s affairs. However, she soon came to regret this oath.

Hoggoth and Agamotto are the other two Vishanti who could be in Doctor Strange 2. Having met Oshtur on her travels and formed an alliance with her, Hoggoth was the last surviving member of an ancient pantheon. When she died, Agamotto became the first Supreme Sorcerer. A legendary tome called the Book of the Vishanti was written by him to pass on his knowledge, and he served as Oshtur’s proxy on Earth, interfering where she and Hoggoth could not. Agamotto’s power grew until he became a principality, a higher being invoked for power, from this plane of existence.

A Sorcerer Supreme is appointed by him and his fellow Vishanti, either through a magical tournament or because of an act of great heroism by which a sorcerer proves themselves the champion of a dimension. Osh tur bestows wisdom, insight, and power upon the Sorcerer Supreme, Agamotto, and Ho ggoth. The role of Sorcerer Supreme was first given to Strange in the comics when he defeated the Elder God Shuma-Gorath. but he lost it and regained it when Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom engaged in a tournament.

We Might See The Vishanti in Doctor Strange 2


With WandaVision, Marvel has already introduced Wanda Maximoff’s ability to use Chaos Magic and the Darkhold, a legendary book of dark magic, to the MCU. As depicted in the comics, both are connected to a single Elder God named Chthon, who is the source of all Chaos Magic and who used the Darkhold to aid his return to Earth. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ trailer features a brief appearance by Shuma-Gorath, another Elder God from Marvel’s What If…? series; merchandise even reveals that Shuma-Gorath has a new name, Gargantos, assumedly because Marvel does not own the license to Shuma-original Gorath’s name. It’s possible that Marvel is fusing these two monsters together.

Doctor Strange 2 is rumored to introduce the Book of Vishanti, which will be linked to the multiverse. An enhanced image of a recent poster for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness revealed that the magical book in its background wasn’t the Darkhold. In keeping with these rumors, the Cosmic Circus claims that sources have confirmed this is indeed the Book of Vishanti, which brings us closer to the Vishanti.

Doctor Strange has the power to choose the next Supreme Sorcerer.

Doctor strange

Book of Vishanti in the Doctor Strange poster

It’s possible that the MCU will reveal that the Vishanti created the line of Sorcerers Supreme. If this is the case, Wong has assumed the title of Sorcerer Supreme. This is so because he believes someone needs to hold that position. However, he hasn’t been officially assigned to it, because there has been no evidence of a tournament and he hasn’t conducted any great acts of heroism to show that he has earned it. This could be how Earth’s true Sorcerer Supreme is selected, as depicted in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This would be a perfect fit for comic books. Doctor Strange was thrust into a multiverse adventure in the film’s second trailer. This teased an interdimensional being called Nightmare, whose name is mentioned in the film’s Super Bowl ad. This eventually led to a battle with Shuma-Gorath, and Doctor Strange was forced to sacrifice himself. As a result, the Vishanti elevated him to the status of Sorcerer Supreme, recognizing him as such. Strange Earth’s new Sorcerer Supreme will be proclaimed by Vishanti as Dr. Strange’s successor in the Multiverse of Madness, filling the gap left by Ancient One’s death.

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