Wakanda Forever: Will Marvel’s Pursuit Of Not Re-casting Chadwick Boseman’s Character Pay Off?

Along with all the new releases that Marvel announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, Wakanda Forever got the most attention from the fans. 

The two-minute teaser triggered emotions, excitement, and thrill altogether. Chadwick Boseman, a.k.a Prince T’Challa, nailed his character as Black Panther in his introductory movie. 

But with his demise, there was a big question among the fans and creators about who would fill the shoes of Chadwick and be the next Prince T’Challa. 

The Big Announcement to Retain Chadwick’s Legacy

Clip from movie teaser

To add a gush of emotions, the Vice President of Development, Marvel, Nate Moore, said that the fans would not get to see T’Challa in the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe. There is no replacement for Chadwick Boseman, he added. 

Marvel knows that replacing the original Black Panther would do no good to the emotions of billions of fans of this studio. Therefore, they decided to continue filming the next part of ‘Black Panther’ without re-casting the lead role. 

Ofcourse, Marvel did make many changes to the original plot of the story for ‘Wakanda Forever’. They had the challenge of connecting the story to its prequel movie without casting a replacement for the real ‘Black Panther’. 

The Easter Egg in Teaser for the Remembrance of Prince T’Challa

Black panther a tribute to Chadwick

The teaser shows Letitia Wright, a.k.a Shuri, wearing a white dress that possibly resembles the Wakandan culture of mourning for the dead. The assumption seems evident because, just in the next scene, we can see graffiti of our beloved Prince T’Challa. Hence, this made it clear that Marvel had planned a death plot for Black Panther. 

The wall graffiti scenes are like memory recalls in the Marvel Universe. And this scene of Prince T’Challa’s graffiti is similar to the one we see of ‘Iron Man’ in Spiderman Far From Home. 

But now, how is Marvel going to pull this off? A movie on Black Panther without the admirable Prince T’Challa, How will Marvel make this work out? 

Who will Take the Mantle of Black Panther? How Will Marvel Pull This Off?

Shuri will probably take over the mantle of legendary Wakandan warrior. But, Shuri is the girl of science and might not be a warrior figure in the MCU. So, is Danai Gurira, a.k.a Okoye, the perfect warrior to take the mantle? 

The fans will love to see either of them justifying the lead role! And Marvel wants to play with mindful theories of fans. 

As per the rumors and the fan theories, Marvel will probably cast a woman character as the next Black Panther or, should we say, ‘Black Pantheress’? 

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and its fans are emotional with Chadwick’s absence in the new Black Panther movie. We hope Marvel pays a well-fit tribute to Prince T’Challa, alongside building a story to maintain the flow of MCU.