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Wanda In Doctor Strange 2 Is The MCU’s Most Powerful Character

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 16,2022

Doctor Strange 2 might prove Wanda to be Marvel’s most powerful character in the MCU. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Elizabeth Olsen appeared in an uncredited cameo as the comic book icon. Her subsequent appearances in the MCU include Captain America: Civil War and each of the three Avengers films. She has since appeared in five films in the franchise. In 2021, Wanda led the Disney+ megahit WandaVision to new heights. This elevated the character to the Scarlett Witch title and Olsen to an award-winning performance in the MCU.

Doctor Strange 2, in which Wanda will make her next appearance, is sure to be a hit with fans. Stephen Strange and his companions are about to face a brand-new foe as they venture into the multiverse. Wanda will meet Strange for the first time in the upcoming blockbuster. Even though they met in Endgame, this will be their first time working together. This has many wondering who is more powerful.

Producer Teases Wanda’s Powerful Presence In The MCU


Producer Richie Palmer hinted to Empire that Multiverse Of Madness demonstrates Wanda to be the most compelling individual in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At one point in the film, Palmer all but referred to Scarlet Witch as the MCU’s most powerful character. See what he had to say about it, as well as a new photo of Olsen in her Scarlet Witch getup, down below.

“I don’t know who’s more powerful than Wanda. Meeting the Wanda Maximoff at the end of Endgame would have been a lot for Strange. Who comes out on top as the most powerful being in the universe? Maybe we find out at the end of the movie.”

The question of whether or not Wanda is more powerful than the other characters in the Multiverse Of Madness was raised by Palmer in a semi-backtracked manner. They will both be emotionally drained at the beginning of the film because of their personal lives. Wanda appears to be grieving the events of WandaVision in the latest image released by Empire, suggesting that she is still grieving the events of the film. In the meantime, Strange is witness to the marriage of his life’s love. They will be influenced by these events alone in how they show off their abilities.

According to previous films and television shows, Wanda has the rawest power in the MCU, especially when she transforms into her Scarlett Witch form. Ancient sorcery can be harnessed using Strange’s genius-level brain. When it comes to magic, Strange has an advantage over Wanda because he is able to control it. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, theories claim Wanda will play a villainous role against Strange, leading to an all-out fight between the two powerful characters.

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