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Wanda To Appear In New Disney+ Show Called Wonder Man

By Chandraboli Majumdar
August 18,2022

We last saw Wanda in Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness but we might just see her soon in Wonder Man. During Multiverse of Madness, she played the villain and caused significant damage while also taking lives. All the while she was completely corrupted by the Darkhold as she looked for her children throughout the multiverse. However, when she saw the destruction she had caused, she had a change of heart. She destroyed Mountain Wundagore and let it come crashing down on top of her. There was a burst of her signature red chaos magic.

Wanda at Wundagore

Wanda at Wundagore

Fans theorize that Wanda is still alive as her chaos magic protected her from the fall of Wundagore. Moreover, knowing the MCU no one can truly be considered dead unless and until their body is shown. This brings us to the theory of Wanda appearing in Wonder Man. The theory has been supported by Daniel Richtman and Youtuber Grace Randolph.

What are the speculations?

Marvel is supposedly working on a project involving Wonder Man. We will get into who he is and how he is connected to Scarlet Witch a little later. Wonder Man will be a Disney+ show helmed by Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton. Filming and production will most likely begin next year in 2023. The project will also see the involvement of Andrew Guest, who you might know from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Since in the comics, Wonder Man is associated heavily with Wanda and Vision both, the series might give Wanda another chance at righting her wrongs. After all, she does need to answer for the countless deaths of sorcerers and the decimation of the multiverse. The show might also bring back White Vision whom we last saw in the WandaVison series. We do not know anything about the cast yet. However, there have been rumors claiming that Nathan Fillion might be involved.

Who is Wonder Man

Wonder Man also known as Simon Williams was not born with powers. He was treated with ionic rays and radiations by none other than the evil mastermind Baron Zemo. This gave him his superpowers but also made him dependent on Zemo for keeping him alive. You see, there was one major side effect to this treatment, his metabolism was altered. Wonder Man would perish if not administered with a particular antidote regularly. Thus, Zemo used Wonder Man to try and defeat the Avengers.

But he had a change of heart and refused to betray them. He lost Zemo’s antidote and sacrificed his life. However, unknown to the Avengers, he was not truly dead. Turns out, he was in a death-like coma. He was later revived and went on to join the West Coast Avengers. He also joined Hollywood as an actor. His powers include super-human strength, stamina, endurance and near invulnerability. One interesting power is his ability to leap over hundreds of feet.

How are Wonder Man and Wanda connected?

Wanda and Wonder Man

Wanda and Wonder Man

In the comics, Wonder Man and Wanda have a relationship. This could be explored in the Wonder Man series especially now that Wanda and Vision are no longer together after Westview and Vision’s death in Infinity Wars. As for Wanda, she too was once a part of the West Coast Avengers. She developed feelings for Wonder Man as they worked together on the same team. On a mission for Force Works, Wonder Man died. This affected Wanda to the extent that she went ahead and revived him using her powers. They pursued a relationship which had an untimely end due to Wanda’s persisting feelings for Vision.

Wonder Man is also deeply connected to Vision as he played an extremely important part in Vision’s creation. When Ultron created Vision, he used Wonder Man’s brainwaves. This pretty much made Vision his brother. In the future, they also go on several adventures together and have many stories.

On the other hand, Marvel could very well decide to bring in a Wanda variant. Ever since the Multiverse of Madness, we have been exposed to the various Wanda’s across all universes. After Earth-616 Wanda’s fall from grace, it would be quite tough to redeem her in the eyes of the audience. Thus, introducing a different Wanda, maybe even the one from Earth-838 who is also a mother to two sons, might just be the way to go.

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