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WandaVision’s Evan Peters Role Made Weirder By MCU Phase 4

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 21,2022

MCU Phase 4’s multiverse casting decisions have made Evan Peters’ WandaVision role as Ralph Bohner even weirder. In Phase 4, the MCU has spread into the multiverse after solely focusing on the continuity of a single universe. Many projects have explored the infinite number of universes. Consequently, Doctor Strange 2 is where many of these concepts could be combined. The fact that Marvel Studios is bringing back actors from non-MCU characteristics to reprise their roles further complicates the events of WandaVision.

Phase 4’s embrace of the multiverse has resulted in a diverse cast of well-known actors and characters. Maguire and Garfield’s Spidermen returned with a slew of their former foes in NWH, which was the first film to attempt this. There was also a brief appearance by Tom Hardy’s Venom, Willem Dafoe, and Alfred Molina in the post-credits scene. After the second trailer hinted at Professor X’s return, the sequel is doubling down on this concept. Additionally, the possibility of a live-action version of Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter and one of Maria or Monica Rambeau being a Captain Marvel variant was hinted at.

Dealing With The Ralph Bohner Twist

Ralph boner

Ralph bohner

To the best of Marvel’s ability, WandaVision was the first to bring back familiar faces in familiar roles in Phase 4. Evan Peters appeared on the show as Quicksilver following numerous rumors of his return. Wanda Maximoff’s speedster brother, Peters appeared at the end of WandaVision episode 5 in a different, however, still recognizable look in three of Fox’s X-Men films.

The multiverse had been opened, or Marvel recast Aaron Taylor-Johnson with Peters to be the MCU’s Quicksilver in the future. This generated a lot of excitement. However, WandaVision revealed that Peters’ character was a Westview native named Ralph Bohner and that the show was a sham. The Ralph Bohner twist was not well received by the public. Furthermore, it won’t get any easier to accept as other past casting decisions are brought back through the multiverse in Phase 4.

Will There Be A Real Quicksilver Portrayal?



The Ralph Bohner twist disappointed many WandaVision viewers. Even if it could have worked on its own, considering the rest of Phase 4 makes Marvel Studios’ decision even more difficult. For the time being, Marvel has only used this style of audience disorientation in Evan Peters’ Quicksilver ruse. Considering how popular Evan Peters’ portrayal of the mutant was during Fox’s X-Men franchise, it doesn’t make much sense. WandaVision’s link to Doctor Strange 2 could have been established if he appeared as a proper version of Quicksilver. This would be Scarlet Witch’s first encounter with the multiverse.

WandaVision’s Evan Peters, Ralph Bohner, and Quicksilver’s future in the MCU is yet to be determined. However, he could be discovered to be another Marvel character, such as Simon Williams, a.k.a. Wonder Man, who is also known as Quicksilver. The Bohner twist has made it less likely that Evan Peters will ever portray a real Quicksilver. This implies, even in the multiverse. Because of WandaVision’s Ralph Bohner’s reveal, Peters will not play Quicksilver again in Phase 4, if that is the case.

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