Warner Bros. Sparks Controversy By Excluding Ray Fisher's Cyborg From Justice League Max Icon Roster
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Warner Bros. Sparks Controversy By Excluding Ray Fisher’s Cyborg From Justice League Max Icon Roster

Warner Bros. Stirs Up Controversy By Deliberately Leaving Out Ray Fisher’s Portrayal Of Cyborg From The Justice League Max Icon Roster.

By Akshay Sharma
May 24,2023

Ray Fisher’s portrayal of Cyborg in Justice League has been notably left out from the profile roster on Warner Bros.’ newly-launched streaming service, Max. This omission raises questions about Fisher’s tumultuous relationship with the studio since his time playing the DCU character.

Fisher’s Strained Relationship With Warner Bros.:

Ray Fisher

Ever since Fisher accused DC director Joss Whedon of engaging in “gross, abusive, unprofessional” behavior on the set of Justice League, his relationship with Warner Bros. has been far from amicable. The actor has continued to express his discontent with the studio and the franchise, calling out the new DC Studios regime and openly criticizing the cancellation of Batgirl. He has even celebrated the departure of DC executives like Walter Hamada without any intention of reconciling with the Hollywood giant.

Despite the presence of other versions of the hero, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg has been noticeably absent from the roster of Justice League profile avatars on Warner Bros.’ streaming service, Max. Fans of the DCEU’s super-powered cinematic universe can choose avatars representing major characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, and Aquaman, but Fisher’s DC character remains conspicuously missing.

Presence Of Other Cyborg Versions:

Cyborg portrayed by Joivan Wade

Interestingly, the character of Cyborg portrayed by Joivan Wade in Doom Patrol and the animated version from Teen Titans are included on the platform. This discrepancy in representation raises questions as to why Ray Fisher’s portrayal was intentionally excluded.

The exact reasons behind the omission of Fisher’s Cyborg remain unclear, but it is highly likely that the ongoing dispute between the actor and Warner Bros. plays a significant role in this decision. Given the inclusion of other iterations of Cyborg, it becomes evident that Fisher’s absence was a deliberate choice made by the studio.

The Prickly Fisher-WB Relationship:

Ray Fisher

Ray Fisher’s relationship with Warner Bros. has been strained for quite some time. Even before the news of a DCU reboot surfaced, the Justice League actor expressed his intention to retire from the franchise due to alleged mistreatment while working with the studio. In contrast, characters like Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/Flash and retired characters like Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent/Superman, who may have faced their share of controversy, are included on the list. The disparity lies in the fact that Cavill and WB parted ways on relatively positive terms, while the studio actively promotes Miller’s upcoming solo movie. In contrast, Fisher’s relationship with the franchise remains far from cordial.