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Was Captain America A Virgin? Smart Hulk Reveals The Truth!

By Sumit Sahu
August 22,2022

With the first episode of She-Hulk, we are now very much clear that Steve Rogers, a.k.a Captain America has his shows on The History Channel. We heard Jennifer talking about it in the car just before they met with an accident.

The discussion was on Captain’s virginity. Jennifer said that she knows, Captain hasn’t been with any girl because he became a war hero right after he got the super soldier serum. Since then, he got frozen, came back to life, met with Avengers and so on.

Jennifer Being So Interested About Captain’s Virginity!

Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson

Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson

With the personality that Steve Rogers had, it is quite clear that girls would go gaga over him without even blinking their eyes. Captain America’s ass has been a point of discussion during the Avengers: End Game movie, when Tony, Steve and Scott travelled back to the first Avengers fight day.

It was a direct and indirect compliment to Steve Rogers and his sex appeal. So, as two Avengers noticed and mocked him of that, we can expect that the fantasising girl fans out there would really be interested in his sexual life.

And this is possibly, The History Channel and Jennifer being one of the many fan girls is curious about whether Steve has intimate relationships with anyone or not.

The Truth Revealed By Smart Hulk

Jennifer Excited to Captain's Virginity Disclosure

Jennifer Excited to Captain’s Virginity Disclosure

The start of the episode talked about Jennifer being so sure that Captain America is virgin. To that, Bruce asked her, “How are you so sure?”. Jennifer replied, “The History Channel!”. And then she described Captain’s entire life routine fighting wars and villains. But as they met with an accident just after that conversation, there was no closure to its facts.

So, in the end, when Jennifer acts to be drunk and repeats the topic to tell Bruce that Captain is virgin. This time Smart Hulk started talking and said,

Steve Rogers is not a virgin! He lost his virginity to a girl in the year 1943, on the USO tour.” 

Jennifer was so excited to hear this, which we all saw in her expression. Why won’t she be? The fan girl just got her answers.

We all knew so little about this side of Captain America. So, it is great that we have some answers now! But later in MCU timeline, we would like to know, who is this mystery girl who Steve was with? Let’s wait for that part to be revealed.

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