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Was Thor 4 Over-Hyped? Fans Share Mixed Reviews

By Mabel Judith Andrady
July 8,2022

Was Thor 4 promo over-hyped? Thor: Love and Thunder, the highly anticipated sequel directed by Taiki Waititi, doesn’t hit theaters until July 8, but early reviews have already disclosed some critical aspects. Early reviews for Thor: Love & Thunder have provided a wealth of information that fans of the MCU have been craving, including narrative insights and character characteristics.

Because fans are sharing mixed reviews online, it seems like Thor 4 promo was over-hyped. Some were lucky enough to watch Thor: Love and Thunder before the majority of Marvel fans around the world. So naturally, these fans have also felt obligated to share their experience on various social media platforms.

As promising as Doctor Strange 2 was, it also brought a lot of disappointment because of the lack of cameos. Marvel fans were sure to witness it come true. Inevitably, becoming the fourth lowest-ranked MCU film on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Has Thor 4 managed to make up for the lost fame?

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Fans Share Mixed Reviews

Mjolnir and Thor

Throughout the promo period of Thor: Love and Thunder, fans began speculating and discussing the movie’s outcome. Thor: The Dark World was rated 54 by Metacritic, Thor: Ragnarok was ranked 74, and Love and Thunder does nothing different.

@wasteland_gz on Twitter shares his disappointment stating that they tried to stay positive, but the movie is terrible.:

@jsmndrgnthyshp straight-up calls Thor 4 to be horrible:


@iamkar4n shares that while the movie started well, it did not continue being as great as everyone hoped for.:

Meanwhile, some fans are not sure if they hate the film entirely. For instance, @JebSuspended expresses that even though the humor was not delivered as well as Ragnorak did, the characters help.:

@Nesh2808 rates Thor: Love and Thunder a 7.5 and calls the movie decent.:

But of course, all reviews aren’t all that sour. @HayaAlhosani2 rates Thor 4 a 10/10 and thinks the movie is funny.:

Another fan is pleased with Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo movie so much that their faith “has been restored”:

Meanwhile, @secretsfromtay acknowledges the negative reviews Thor 4 has received and would’ve appreciated Loki’s presence. Despite this, they loved the movie, as well.:

What do the critics say?

Critic reviews for Thor: Love and Thunder have also been rolling in. As of this writing, this movie has been rated 69% on Rotten Tomatoes with 204 reviews and counting for fans to decide whether or not they still want to watch the film.

Josh Wilding from calls out Thor 4 for being too goofy to be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean fans won’t find enough to enjoy, even if fans don’t end up loving it as they did Thor: Ragnarok. The problem of quantity over quality may be surfacing at Marvel Studios.

Scott Campbell from We Got This Covered states that The volume in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is turned up to 11, which works for a movie steeped in ’80s hair metal but isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Richard Roeper from the Chicago Sun-Times rates the movie a 2/4 and says that the movie was a lackluster and incoherent installment in the continuous saga of the God of Thunder, who appears to get more oblivious with each new film.

What Does This Mean For Future Thor Movies?

Perhaps because of the impossibly high bar set by Thor: Ragnarok, Love and Thunder may be seen by some as falling short of expectations. Thor: Love and Thunder, like Doctor Strange 2, falls within the MCU’s ‘experimental’ Phase 4 trend of trying to break away from the formula that has been so heavily criticized.

Although Thor: Love and Thunder might have been the panacea to restore a flagging cinematic world to its former splendor, it fails to do so because it veers back and forth between two very different narrative approaches.

Based on the reviews, one constant source of annoyance among audiences is Marvel Studios’ penchant for injecting uncalled-for humor into otherwise intense sequences. However, despite its problems, the franchise’s sustained box office success shows audiences are not yet tired of MCU films.

The present exhaustion is likely related to the lack of coherence and a decisive direction in the MCU Phase 4. Despite the franchise’s lows starting to grate on an overexposed public, the MCU juggernaut is still very much alive. Regardless of whether or not we think the Thor 4 promo was over-hyped, Marvel fans will still watch the movie, and rightfully, they should!

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