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Watch Henry Cavill Engross Himself In The World Of Warhammer

By Abraham George
March 29,2022

Henry Cavill has made a habit of making his geekiest dreams come true, like playing the Man of Steel and becoming Netflix’s own Geralt of Rivia, both of which he loved. Now, the actor has been using his love for Warhammer 40,000 to get a chance to play with the game itself at the place where it all began.

Warhammer World is the headquarters of Games Workshop, which makes tabletop games. Cavill made a special trip to Warhammer World last week, which is a museum and headquarters for Games Workshop. In recent interviews, the actor has talked about how much he loved Warhammer 40,000 as a child, and how he plays with a tabletop army of golden-armored Adeptus Custodes on it.

If you want to see Cavill in his element, Games Workshop has put out a short video of him visiting Warhammer World. It’s a treat to see the actor geek out in a non-professional way, getting a chance to play with models and displays for fun.

Cavill picks up a replica of the Slayer of Kings – the blade used by the Chaos master, Archaon in Warhammer’s fantasy setting, Age of Sigmar, and he takes a swing at it. He also gets a look at the new models for 40K’s space elf faction; the Aeldari, which will be getting a makeover. He looks like he’s having a great time just being a fan of the things he’s around, instead of having to correct interviewers or talk about how much he loves the game in other places.

Cavill Is A Huge Warhammer Geek

Six Times Henry Cavill Proved That He Is A Huge, Lovable Nerd

Six Times Henry Cavill Proved That He Is A Huge, Lovable Nerd

Cavill, who is a huge fan of Warhammer; is a great help to Games Workshop as they try to get the games and the rest of the world; to bring it to more people across many different mediums. Hopefully this short video isn’t the only thing Games Workshop did for Cavill’s trip. Hearing him talk about the games with other Warhammer fans would be a lot of fun.

Earlier this year, the Warhammer Community social media team; shared a picture of Cavill visiting the headquarters of Games Workshop, which is where he works. As he stands in one of Games Workshop’s filming studios, it looks like Cavill is having a blast. This suggests that Cavill will be in a promotional video; or an episode of one of Games Workshop’s shows that run on the Warhammer+ streaming service. Cavill took a lot of time to take pictures with a lot of employees from Games Workshop. All of them looked like they were having a great time meeting the former Superman and current Geralt of Rivia; who is now in his own space enjoying his dreams.

What’s Warhammer About

Warhammer Twitter Banner

Warhammer Twitter Banner

The long-running game is about futuristic armies blowing each other up with the help of strategy; It is what Cavill was promoting most of the time during the press tour for The Witcher. Cavill is a well-known fan of the game; and he used the COVID-19 lockdown to finish building his army; while he was away from work (he plays Adeptes Custodes, for those wondering). In the past, Cavill has even hinted that he might be working on a Warhammer project. He once said that Cavill looked like a younger version of the Emperor of Mankind; The period before the Emperor turned into a living corpse hooked up to a huge supercomputer; He would need to eat the souls of 1,000 people a day to keep from dying of real death.

Warhammer 40,000 hasn’t had its moment in the sun like Dungeons & Dragons, but the game has grown a lot in the last few years, which makes it more popular. Based on what we know about Cavill; we wouldn’t be surprised if a Warhammer project with his name on it came out in the next few years.