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[WATCH] Ryan Condal Discusses Major HoTD Deleted Scene

Ryan Condal, the cocreator of House of the Dragon revealed a scene from HoTD episode 10, involving Baela & Rhaenys. Watch the scene here!

By Pratyush Singh
December 13,2022

Ryan Condal, the writer of the television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, leaked a deleted scene from the season one finale of House of the Dragon. On Saturday morning last week, “House of the Dragon” showrunner and writer Ryan Condal unveiled this sequence, which would have taken place in the early part of the season one finale, while virtually dialling into HBO’s “Game of Thrones” fan gathering. Rhaenys’ granddaughter Baela Targaryen presents the case for war after Rhaenys has previously informed Rhaenyra of the Hightowers’ usurpation of the Iron Throne.

This scene would have made a significant difference in the House of the Dragon storyline, as apart from Daemon, there would be more characters who’d want war. Now, we see Daemon Targaryen as the only ignition to the Targaryen civil war. Now that Rhaenyra has learnt of Lucerys Velaryon’s death, she also looks filled with rage and ready for war.

Let’s see what information the deleted scene from House of the Dragon season one finale has for us fans to gather.


Watch House of the Dragon’s Deleted Baela & Rhaenys Scene


The deleted scene was first posted on TikTok, later made viral on Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts was made public under Ryan Condal’s knowledge. Baela Targaryen asks her grandmother whether she thinks she’s “jesting” about her wish to stand alongside Queen Rhaenyra and her fiancé (Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys). When Rhaenys does not immediately respond, apparently deeply overwhelmed. This is what Rhaenys says to Baela next:

“I just saw my daughter for the first time in years.”

The scene suggests that Baela turned Rhaenys’ mind and provoked her to war as well. This would have lowered Daemon’s danger, as currently fans only see him actively plotting a war against The Greens.


What Ryan Condal Said About House of the Dragon’s Deleted Scene

Ryan Condal, co-creator & writer of House of the Dragon

Ryan Condal, co-creator & writer of House of the Dragon

Condal explained that the moment was removed owing to the time limits imposed by HBO for the finale, which aired in numerous countries rather than only on streaming. His exact words were:

“The finale ended up being so long.”

Condal noted that he liked the Baela scene, but it was deleted since it was more of a character-development moment than a plot-pushing sequence. Furthermore, Ryan Condal also praises Bethany Antonia, the actor who plays Baela in the final episodes of season one. In House of the Dragon season 2, Bethany would continue to play Baela.