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What Are The Top 5 Most Powerful Thor Variants In Comics?

MCU’s Thor is very powerful, no doubt. But the comics are full of even more powerful Thor Variants across the multiverse. Who are they?

By Mohit Srivastava
November 30,2022

Thor Odinson of Asgard, the God of Thunder is one of the mightiest of all the Earth’s mightiest heroes. Wielder of Mjolnir, Thor has found its way into the pages of Marvel comics from the lore of Norse mythology of the same name. However, ever since Marvel introduced the concept of the multiverse, timelines, and realities, various versions (called ‘Variants’) have surfaced from time to time. Throughout this multiverse, there have been many versions of the mighty Thor, some more powerful than others. Let us look into the five most powerful Variants from the Marvel comics. 

5. Thor-El


In 1998, DC and Marvel decided to come together to create a limited series of comic books by merging their two universes.  In Ultimate Access #4, an alien named Access gains the ability to merge two very powerful beings from both universes – Thor of Marvel and Superman of DC. He thus possesses both superhuman strength and the ability to project energy blasts from a mallet that he possesses.

His only weakness is a substance known as – Nornonite. He is also familiar with the mysterious Valhalla Zone, where criminals are sent into exile. However, since the series was limited fans didn’t get to see much of Thor-El, but he surely was a welcome addition to the comic universe.

4. War Thor

War Thor

Volstagg, an accomplice of Thor during his various battles, fought beside him during a diplomatic mission to Nidavellir. However, suddenly their troop was attacked by the force of Muspelheim. Being the only survivor, Volstagg attempted to return to Asgard, however, he heard a presence calling to him. It was actually Mjolnir from an alternate universe. Volstagg found himself worthy of this Mjolnir and gained the powers of Thor, becoming the War Thor. He is also sometimes called as All-New Thor, Battle Thor, or Supreme Thor.

During the Secret Wars event, War Thor became the scarred, jaded and angry alter-ego of Volstagg. Unfortunately, his rage became uncontrollable with time. In addition to wielding Mjolnir, War Thor also possessed mystical powers including the Anti-Force, a power strong enough to destroy planets.

3. Iron Hammer

Iron Hammer

As soon as Gamora decided to mess with the Infinity Stones of the Marvel Universe, an alternate universe (called Warp Word) was created. In this new world, Iron Man and Thor got merged together to create an alternate version of both called, Iron Hammer. His alter ego is named Sigurd Stark Odinson who is basically an Asgardian exiled to Midgard without his godlike abilities.

However, once on Earth (Midgard) he creates a powerful Iron armor with his advanced technology knowledge. Stark also created a devastating hammer called Mjolnirion. Theron, Iron hammer continued to fight in Midgard while trying his way back to Asgard. He first appeared in Infinity Wars #3 in 2018. While going to Asgard, Stark develops an interdimensional energy portal called B.I.F.R.O.S.T. (Bridging Interdimensional Frequency Rotating Outside Space-Time) using his AI called, H.E.I.M.D.A.L.L. (Heuristic Enhanced-Imaging Macro-Digital Awareness for Logic and Logistics).

2. Ultimate Thor

Ultimate Thor

Officially named Thorlief Golmen, he claims himself to be the Norse thunder deity Thor, sent to Earth by his father Odin. He stole the super soldier serum from his brother Gunnar and suffered a nervous breakdown. Thereby he started genuinely believing he was Thor after suffering a nervous breakdown just before turning 30, spending the next 18 months in an asylum.

Afterward, he gained superhuman strength and possessed the powers of Thor, and joined the group of superheroes called The Ultimates. Thor possesses immense superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He also has the ability to control the weather on a large scale, by summoning thunderstorms and controlling massive amounts of lightning. This version of Thor was less reliant on Mjolnir as a power source.

1. Cosmic King Thor

Cosmic King Thor

There was an instant in the comics when Thor mastered the Mother Storm, a power that was once encapsulated in Mjolnir by Odin, and used his newfound powers and mastery to end the War of the Realms. A while later, Odin bent the knee in front of his son, proclaiming him to be the All-father. Prince Thor then comes to be known as King Thor, gaining all the powers of the All-father (the Odinforce) on top of his own. A few issues later, in Thor Vol. 6 #1 (2020), Galactus chooses to choose King Thor as his new herald. Thereby, he comes to be known as Cosmic King Thor, the Herald of Thunder.

Galactus sought to defeat another powerful entity (Black Winter) with the help of Cosmic King Thor. This Thor Variant is undeniably the most powerful of all because he possesses the powers of Thor, Odinforce, as well as those given by Galactus which amplified all his powers to an unlimited degree. In fact, Cosmic king Thor single-handedly killed Galactus by absorbing all his powers. He later used his lifeless shell of a body like a bomb – to kill the universe devourer, Black Winter.

Although some of these powerful Thor Variants have made appearances in various Marvel Games, their live-action appearance is still awaited. If there ever comes a time when any or all of these variants decide to thunder on big screens (maybe in Avengers: Secret Wars), it will be an outrage for sure. Fans will go bananas and the entire cinematic universe will be shaken. 

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