Theory: What Could Be Story Of Black Panther-Wakanda Forever?
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Theory: What Could Be Story Of Black Panther-Wakanda Forever?

It’s time to cross your arms and yell ‘Wakanda Forever.’ Let’s try to guess what Team Ryan Coogler has in store for us in the upcoming flick.

By Mohit Srivastava
October 22,2022

Marvel Studios is just days behind in releasing its final offering of Phase 4 – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (excluding the Holiday Special of GOTG). Marvel is already gearing up for the release and the marketing of the movie is in full swing. Fans are hopeful that in the hands of Ryan Coogler, the movie will give fair treatment to the storyline as well as to the legacy of the late Chadwick Boseman.

For the time being, let’s bring our heads together and try to guess what the storyline of the movie could be. Please note that it’s all mere speculation and guesswork from the rumors and hints from trailers, and we in no way confirm these speculations.

Vulnerable Wakanda

Queen Ramonda

“I am the queen of the most powerful nation in the world, and my entire family is gone. Have I not given anything?” – Queen Ramonda

As both the teaser and trailer of the movie have suggested, the movie shall feature the death of Wakandan King – T’Challa. It shall weave the untimely passing of Boseman with the current MCU storyline. After the death of Killmonger in Black Panther, T’Challa decides to open Wakanda and its technologies to the world. However, now that T’Challa is dead, and there seemingly is no one yet to rule the country, the country is at its most vulnerable.

Clearly, the most valuable asset of Wakanda is – it has immense resource of Vibranium. It can be used in developing the most modern of technologies, that includes advanced weaponry systems. Powerful people across the world know this now. They will most likely plan to strike on the weakened nation now. This shall probably be the main crux of the movie of how the nation will stand back to its feet.

Namor’s Anger


“Without the Black Panther, Wakanda will fall.” – Namor

Namor, the king of the underwater kingdom of Talocan, also plays a vital role in the movie. Tenoch Huerta is playing the character, and he looks badass. We shall clearly have a glimpse of his birth story. However, in the various footages released so far, he seems to be playing a villain and is attempting to attack Wakanda himself. Talocanians and Wakandans seem to be going head-to-head in multiple shots. In one of the scenes even it can be seen that Wakandan is getting flooded, maybe at the behest of Namor. However, that may not be the whole truth.

Namor’s motivation behind his action is what we should consider. What drove him to this villainy? Perhaps, the answer is obvious. Like Wakanda in the olden days, Talocan was also a secret nation that practiced its traditional roots, possessed advanced technologies, and preferred to love secretly peacefully, undisturbed. However, now that Wakanda had made itself open to the world and is weak, every powerful nation or organization, or individual is looking to exploit it (especially Vibranium). In doing so, somehow Talocan is coming their way. Maybe, these exploiters are looking to invade Wakanda via sea route and Talocan is in their way. This has impacted Talocan to a great extent and Namor now wants to avenge his kingdom.

Passing of Torch

New Black Panther

“Now is our time…to strike” – Queen Ramonda

While Wakanda is getting attacked and explored from all directions, the nation is looking to have a face to lead them into this war. Someone who makes sure that the glory of Wakanda does not fades into the night. Thinking this, Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett) finally decides on one name that can carry the mantle of Black Panther, T’Challa’s sister – Shuri (Letitia Wright). In these turbulent times, reluctantly, Shuri accepts this responsibility. So, when she enters into their ancestor’s realm she is surprised to find the spirit of, not her brother, but Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan).

Erik apologizes for his actions and asks for her forgiveness as an elder brother. He makes her understand the heavy weight of the mantle she is about to carry, as he knew his brother very well. Killmonger knew of T’Challa’s wisdom and righteousness. He motivates her to accept her duties knowing that it is not going to be an easy ride. Being a Black Panther is so much more than being just a king in Wakanda. This shall perhaps encourage Shuri to come back and dorn her new Black Panther suit before the final confrontation. 

Dr. Doom?

Dr Doom

If the rumors are to be believed, prior to the death of Boseman, one of the potential titles of the sequel was – Black Panther: War of Two Kings. It shall feature T’Challa and Namor fighting each other. However, now clearly the storyline has been changed. Namor likely is too huge a character to be used for just one movie as a villain, so the main antagonist is perhaps someone else, Someone, who has been pulling all the strings in the shadows all along. And who is more better than – Dr. Victor Van Doom aka Dr. Doom! Check out our coverage of the rumor here.

With Fantastic Four soon to arrive in MCU, their archenemy – Dr. Doom should also not be far behind. This shall be the perfect opportunity for him to make his debut in the MCU. Not only will it raise the stakes, but will also raise the hype for Fantastic Four. Maybe, he is after Wakandan Vibranium for his own nefarious purpose (maybe to build a super suit). Add into the mist, Riri William’s (Dominique Thorne) Ironheart, a huge third-act confrontation between the new Black Panther, Ironheart, Namor, and Dr. Doom shall nothing be less than a geek’s wet dream!

Of course, it is all just a mere speculation. A marvel geek’s guess dream. But even if an iota of it comes true, the movie shall shatter records. For the time being, fingers-crossed, let’s just wait for the day the movie premiers.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is releasing worldwide on 11th  November 2022, only in theatres.

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