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What Does Grogu’s Yellow Lightsaber Mean For His Future

By Ishita Chatterjee
July 31,2021

During [email protected], The Mandalorian team unveiled a new poster that showed Grogu building a yellow lightsaber. This color choice is certainly interesting, and it could possibly hint at the direction his character is going to go in.

Viewers of the season 2 finale will know that Grogu’s future was uncertain for a long time. But this poster helped clear up a lot of things.

The Yellow Lightsaber Indicates A Change

Now, viewers knew that he would be safe with Luke Skywalker. Also, being with the Jedi master would allow The Child to learn and control the Force better.

Grogu Yellow Lightsaber and Luke

But there was uncertainty over whether he would show up in season 3 of The Mandalorian that has already begun production. And even if he did, in what capacity would it be.

After all, even though we all love seeing Din Djarin and Grogu, but there has to be a change in the status quo to move the story forward. So it’s definitely possible that he might reunite with Din Djarin in season 3, but right now, his more immediate future is with Luke Skywalker, with whom he will train.

But to train, one needs a lightsaber and that’s something which has been indicated to be in the works. In the poster released, Grogu can be seen making his lightsaber beside Luke.

Now this isn’t an official teaser for season 3 of The Mandalorian, but it does seem to suggest that Grogu will be getting the classic Jedi weapon.

A Yellow Lightsaber Will Connect Him To Luke And Rey

Rey Skywalker with a yellow lightsaber

Rey Skywalker with a yellow lightsaber

Interestingly, in the poster, one of the multiple components was a yellow lightsaber crystal. This indicates that The Child’s blade will be yellow. But that’s a color that isn’t too common in Star Wars. So it’s certainly surprising to see a yellow lightsaber.

However, this unique color does seem to indicate an important thing for this character. First of all, having a yellow lightsaber makes Grogu more connected to Luke and Rey. We saw Rey unveil her’s at the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. As for Luke, he had a yellow saber between the time-period he lost his blue lightsaber, and had to create his green one.

Official Comic-Con poster of The Mandalorian with Luke and Grogu

Official Comic-Con poster of The Mandalorian with Luke and Grogu

So if Disney wanted to establish a connection with the other two protagonists, then having a yellow lightsaber is a great way to do it. But even more than that, this yellow lightsaber acts as the link between Luke’s two students.

And this helps show how both of them took his teachings to forge new ways ahead for them as well as for the Jedi. Also, both Rey and Grogu were already intertwined with their Force heal ability. So this just further connects them.

Yellow Lightsabers Represent Balance

Yellow lightsabers represent balance

Yellow lightsabers represent balance

Generally, yellow lightsabers represent the idea of balance in Star Wars. In Star Wars Legends, they were used by Jedi sentinels, who wanted to find a balance between the other parts of the Order. These were the combative Guardians and the knowledgeable and peaceful Consulars.

For Rey, the yellow lightsaber represented her new path. It meant that she was moving further and further away from the dogma of the past. Also, it suggested that she was cultivating a greater sense of balance in the Force.

After all, the Siths were destroyed again and the Jedi could change or move away from the old fear that had clogged the old Order. As for Grogu, the yellow lightsaber could very well mean his own path in life- to find a balance between the dark and light sides within him.

After all, he has tapped into both of these sides in The Mandalorian. Also, here’s a little trivia associated with this. If your mix green and red, which are the traditional colors of the Jedi and Sith, you will get yellow.

But this yellow saber might also represent him trying to find a balance between the orders he belongs to – the Mandalorians and the Jedi. We think that Grogu’s future will involve Din, and he will eventually go back to him.

Does This New Lightsaber Indicate That Grogu Will Become A Mandalorian Jedi?

Grogu With Luke Skywalker

Grogu With Luke Skywalker

Fans have a lot of theories about Grogu’s future. Many think that he might become the next Mandalorian Jedi. This would generally mean that he will be wielding the Darksaber. But him using a yellow lightsaber would give him a weapon that represents him and his journey perfectly.

Also, the weapon would reflect the fact that his story is changing. After all, Rey gets a yellow lightsaber when she becomes a Skywalker. Know that another yellow saber was wielded by Asajj Ventress after she lost her red lightsabers and returned home.

This enhanced her reputation as a bounty hunter and played an important role in her story. So a yellow saber represents balance and growth. It indicates that one has found their true place. As such, Grogu getting one as he starts his Jedi training with Luke Skywalker would fit nicely with this one major twist in The Mandalorian.

But will that happen? That remains to be seen in season 3 of the show that will reportedly air in the spring of 2022. As of now, you can check out the two seasons of The Mandalorian streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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