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What Does Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Post-Credit Means?

By Romesh Khatri
June 14,2022

At the end of episode 1 of Ms. Marvel, we see DODC agents getting news of Kamala’s powers, and they start their investigation into the matter. We see Agent P. Cleary and Sadie Deever discovering the mishap at AvengersCon. But there is something different in Agent Cleary’s expressions after their talk. He looks a little exasperated. As if he recognized the powers he just saw in the video.

Agent Cleary’s Role In MCU Till Now

Agent cleary in spiderman

Agent cleary in spiderman – No way home

Agent Cleary has appeared only once in MCU before this series. He was the government investigator and was leading the case against Peter Parker after Peter’s identity is revealed by Mysterio. He is part of DODC, the Department of Damage Control, the organization which is looking into superhero affairs. When Peter asks him to consult Nick Fury regarding his innocence, he replies that Nick Fury has not been on Earth for a long time.

Then Matt Murdock enters the scene in the movie. He helps Peter and his team get out of the charges by DODC. The process is not shown, but we see it all happens very fast, rather suspiciously fast. The only explanation we get from Matt is that he is a good lawyer.

Is Agent Cleary Is Skrull

Now the question arises, how does Agent Cleary know where Nick Fury is? Fury is actually on a Skrull spaceship at this time. And Fury is certainly not a guy who reveals his plan to anyone at large. So, why does the DODC knows about this? Or could it be only this person knows about Fury’s whereabouts? Similarly, how did Matt Murdock get the DODC to drop the charges against Spiderman so fast?

It could mean that Agent Cleary is a Skrull disguised as a DODC agent, or working with Skrull. He is passing information to Fury and getting instructions. The prosecution of Peter was just a facade to make it seem real that DODC is against Peter’s activities.

Skrulls in Captain Marvel


Plus, it makes Matt Murdock part of the conspiracy too. Whether he will be part of the bigger picture and will be involved in Secret Invasion? Wouldn’t that be fun!

Agent Cleary’s Role In Ms. Marvel

Now coming back to Ms. Marvel, we know Agent Cleary will be tracking Kamala from episode 2. But one can guess that it will be for positive reasons. Cleary has recognized Kamala’s powers as Kree, maybe he saw the bracelet.

So, he will show up as a prosecutor again, against Kamala this time (Her having a Pakistani heritage may cause some social issues). But ultimately, he will emerge as a friend in Kamala’s rescue. And he will help her discover her powers or how she got them. Maybe he will help her discover her family origins.

Or he could be after the powers himself. Being Skrull, he knows how powerful the bracelet is and could be used against the fight with Kree. Ms. Marvel could ultimately lead to a fight between Kree and Skrull. Both parties will go head-to-head to fight for the prize of the bracelet.

Cleary Could Be After The Bracelet But For Someone Else

Another character in MCU could be interested in Kamala’s bracelet. When we saw Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we learned that Agent 13 (or Sharon Carter) had gone rogue from the Shield. She is now a big weapons dealer in the MCU. She could have Cleary in her pocket as a corrupt DODC agent, looking to acquire superhero weaponry to fill her arsenal. So, Cleary will go after Kamala but only for the bracelet. This scenario can go dark for Kamala and her family.

The possibilities are endless, and all of the outcomes are equally interesting. I think I speak for everyone when I say – we can’t wait for the next episode.

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