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What If Star Lord Wouldn’t Have Messed Up in Avengers Infinity War?

By Sumit Sahu
September 1,2022

We have all watched Avengers:Infinity War numerous times and we know how things turned out to set the scenes for End Game. There were many scenes that we fans predicted could have been different from what was shown to us. In that way, Avengers: End Game would have never existed. 

One among those scenes is when Iron Man and Spider-Man almost had the gauntlet out of Thanos’s hands, on Titan, until Star-Lord lost his shit, and let his love emotions come in the way of defending the world. What if Star-Lord cooperated with Iron Man and allowed Spider-Man to take off the gauntlet before engaging with him in fist combat? 

Thanos Loses The Gauntlet On Titan

The Infinity Gauntlet - Thanos Kills Iron Man

Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Mantis, Drax, Nebula, and Peter Quil pinned down Thanos and sent him to an unconscious state, to withdraw the gauntlet from him. While Spider-Man and Tony were pulling out the gauntlet, Peter Quil came in and started questioning Thanos about Gamora. 

Nebula explained the entire story of Vormir, and Thanos said, “I had to!”. Peter did lose his calm and was about to hit Thanos when Tony stepped in and held Quil’s hands and pulled him back, and explained to him an emotional front. 

Star-Lord punches Thanos

Star-Lord punches Thanos

Tony says to Quil,

Quil, you need to understand! There are bigger things at stake here. I know what it is to love someone and not be able to protect her. I have driven my entire life toward saving that one person who is priceless in my life. And, I will keep risking myself to protect her at all costs. But, if we let Thanos win this war, then this monster will believe that Gamora died for her cause and not yours. You don’t want that for you, right? You have lost your love. He murdered her! Make him pay by destroying his evil plans to impose genocide.”

Mantis yells from behind, “Hurry up Spider Boy, I can’t hold him longer!” 

Tony turns to Mantis and then again to Quil and says, “We will kill him for what he did, but first we need to ensure that he can’t do the same to destroy anyone’s family and kill anyone else’s love.” 

Spider-Man yells from behind, “I almost got it! I almost got it!…1…2…3… and it’s out.”

Sending The Gauntlet To Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers

Spider-Man throws the gauntlet toward Doctor Strange and asks him to do his thing. He creates that magic ring and sends the gauntlet to Wong, and asked him to hide it somewhere so safe that even they can’t access it. Tony prompted from behind and asked Doctor to send it to Steve Rogers. 

Doctor said I can’t open the portal to someone if I don’t know where they are. So, Tony turned up to Wong and asked him to take the gauntlet to Bruce and he will take it to Steve Rogers. 

“Why Steve Rogers?”, asks Doctor Strange. Tony says, “He is the greatest of minds, and we call him Captain for a reason. He will do the right thing to these infinity stones. Probably find a way to destroy them.” 

“And yes Doctor, hand over your time stone as well. You have seen what he can do. If that little greeny thing of yours can make you see alternate future consequences, then Thanos can also use it to retrieve all of the stones as well. So, please let down your ego and materialistic love towards it.” 

All of these conversations happened within a fraction of a second as Mantis was having no clue about what she had to do now with Thanos. She is holding onto him for quite a long time now and is getting weaker and weaker due to the extreme draining of energy and power. 

Thanos’s Wrath

Thanos's Wrath

Thanos’s Wrath

Just when Doctor Strange was about to close the portal, Thanos wakes up and finds his gauntlet gone. He holds Mantis from her antennas and slams her to the ground. He then crushes her head with his foot. 

All the Guardians started to yell as they saw Mantis dying. Tony and Peter suited up while Doctor Strange successfully closes the portal, but Thanos was already running toward him to get back the gauntlet. 

Tony obstructed Thanos with a sonic blast and saved Doctor from the surprise blow by Thanos. Tony mocked Doctor again by saying, “That’s twice I saved your magical ass!”

Thanos got up and held Tony by his neck. He ripped off his helmet and tightened his grip around the neck so that the nano suits can’t come up to save his neck from being crushed. Tony’s eyes were popping out and he was running low on air to breathe in. Thanos did the same to Loki, and now Tony was at the risk of dying. 

Thanos turned mad at the thought that all his efforts for so long were taken away by these so-called heroes. While Thanos was holding Tony, he says, “Stark, you are the biggest obstacle in my quest. Every time I failed to fulfill my purpose, you were always there. Why don’t you understand that this universe needs correction.”

By saying this, he was just about to break his neck bones when Peter Quil stepped in and blasted his gun right on Thanos’s face. Thanos got bruises on the right side of his face and Tony was saved. 

Peter Quil’s Sacrifice

Peter Quil vs. Thanos

Peter Quil vs. Thanos

Peter Quil asked Tony, Doctor Strange, Nebula, Spider-Man, and Drax to go to Earth and ensure the safety of mind stone. Even a single stone can make this monster a hell lot more powerful. Quil decided to stay back and kill Thanos for what he did to Gamora. 

By saying this, Quil blasted an electric chain at Thanos to hold him for some time till everyone escapes. 

Tony says, “Stop this madness! We can handle him later when he comes on our turf. We have one hell of a team, and I don’t want to give you hopes, but you have all the qualifications to be in it.”

Quil laughs gently and says, “Tony, I thank you that you prevented me from ruining the lives of many. My emotion has no right to destroy millions of families across the universe. But now, when the job is done, I can kill him. I will kill him, Tony. Now, you don’t have wordplays to stop me anymore.”

Tony replies, “Then, I will stay with you and after we finish this brinjal-shaped asshole, you can give me a lift to Earth or something like that, will you?”

“No, Tony! Your special someone is still alive on that planet. Go and keep her safe. I have lost mine and I wasn’t there to protect her. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. Be there to take the blow before anything touches her.” 

And Doctor Strange interrupts, “Hurry up Mr. Stark. Wong tells me there is a fight going on in some place called Wakanda. He can take us there and we can stop Thanos’s army from getting the last stone. Decide now! 

Tony heads back to the portal with Doctor and asks Quil to smash his head as he did to Mantis. Everyone teleported to Wong, and he took them to Wakanda. 

Peter Quil fought Thanos and found it difficult to beat him in face-to-face combat. He used strategies and climbed up on his back, held up his throat with all his strength, and filled his mouth with a grenade. 

He held his jaws so tight that Thanos had to break his fingers one by one, to try and open it. But, Quil was all in and didn’t surrender and prompted in Thanos’s ears, “Boom!!!”. 

Quil sacrificed his life and became the hero that he never is in the actual plot line of Avengers: Infinity War. With the news of Thanos’s death, his army in Wakanda also retrieved themselves, resulting in a clear win for Avengers. 

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