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What If Thanos Visited Earth For Time Stone Instead Of Ebony Maw?

By Sumit Sahu
August 11,2022

We have all thought about this at least once in our journey with MCU. What if Thanos came to Earth instead of Ebony Maw? How would have the fight been, and could unprepared Tony and Strange handle Thanos?

Let’s analyse the same in a great fan theory on what you could expect when situations turn out to be different for the Avengers when they were unprepared. 

Thanos Starts its Quest To  Collect The Time Stone



In this alternate reality, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spiderman didn’t travel to Titan to defend the time stone on Thanos’s turf. Instead, Thanos decides to visit Doctor Strange’s sanctum instead of Ebony Maw. 

Doctor Strange, Wong, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark are in a deep conversation about Hulk’s defeat by Thanos right before he crashes into the sanctum. 

Bruce said that Thanos is the guy who triggered a war in New York. Tony was surprised to see that Bruce was scared and Hulk was defeated. Hulk is the hero who never backs down, and we have seen time over time that when Hulk gets beaten up, he gets angrier, and the destruction that follows is even more catastrophic. 

When Tony was mocking Doctor Strange about his attitude of holding onto the time stone around his neck, there was a slow but prominent thud of a spaceship landing in the city right next to the sanctum. 

Tony angrily tells Strange that his attitude will get everyone killed. The doctor denies it and says he wants to use it to fight for better odds of winning. 

Thanos Brings His Spaceship Down To The Surface Of Earth

QShip Thanos

QShip Thanos

Thanos comes down on Earth through the teleporting beam of his ship. He already has two stones at the moment, Power and Space. This time he decided to confront the Avengers first to take the mind and time stone from Earth, after which he would proceed with the quest of acquiring reality and soul stone. 

Thanos sees Tony Stark and pays him greetings. Thanos says, “Stark, you have ruined my plans to conquer the stones on this Earth for a long time. It is time you surrender and help me bring balance to this world.”

Doctor Strange interrupts and says, “You talk about bringing balance by killing half the people across the universe? 

Thanos says, “Yes, but I am destined to give them a painless death. I am no demon, I am just a servant to the universe and want to bring it to balance.”

Tony suits up by this time and is ready with all his blasters at Thanos. Wong and Doctor Strange were ready with their sorcery guards on while Bruce stared at Thanos, trembled in fear, and urged Hulk to show up. 

The Fight Begins…

Thanos vs. Ironman

Thanos vs. Ironman

Tony takes the first shot and calls in Hulk Buster for Bruce to be part of the fight. Doctor Strange was fighting with all his power but was afraid to use his ability with the time stone. It is because he feared that if he opened the Eye of Agamotto, Thanos would have a better chance of stealing it. 

Thanos was standing still and was withstanding all of their attacks. He held Iron Man from his neck and blasted the power stone energy through his helmet. Nanoparticles of Tony’s suit were trying to heal up the helmet continuously, but soon the particles were about to run out. 

Tony was about to die when Hulk Buster smashed Thanos right in the nose. Thanos fell to the ground and looked at Hulk Buster and said, “Another of Stark’s creations, You have my respect, genius.”

Thanos ripped off the helmet of Hulk Buster by dodging the next punch by Bruce Banner and said, “I don’t want to kill Avengers if they don’t bother me in my quest. Get out, you filthy human”. He said this and threw Bruce and Hulk Buster aside. 

Thanos was angry now and used the space stone to pull Doctor Strange towards him. Cloak of Levitation tried to cover the face of Thanos, but he ripped it apart, stamped it under his feet, and blasted it with power stone. The cloak of levitation was ash. 

He holds Strange by his throat and says, “How long do you think you can protect the time stone? You know I can kill you an instant and take it all by myself, right? So hand it over to me right now.” 

Strange said, “Kill me before you repeat this proposal!”. He was finding it difficult to breathe as Thanos was strangling him in his fist. Tony fired a laser beam right from behind to free Strange, but Thanos wrapped them both with the use of space and power stone. 

Give Me The Time Stone…

Eye of Agamotto

Eye of Agamotto

Thanos smashes Doctor Strange to the ground and asks his army to aim the guns at the entire city and kill everyone who comes in the range. He says, “If you don’t let me do it with mercy, I will be the demon you want me to be.”

Strange tells him not to do this genocide and agrees to hand him the time stone. Thanos extended his palm and said, “Give it to me!”

Time stone left the Eye of Agamotto and flew right to the palm of Thanos. Thanos released Iron Man from the space stone magic and said, “I hope you all don’t perish with the half population I am about to wipe out.”


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