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What If The Accident Resulted In An Immediate Fight Between Bruce and Jennifer?

By Sumit Sahu
August 21,2022

We all saw the back story of Bruce and Jennifer where they met with an accident and Jeniffer turned into She-Hulk. In an alternate theory, what would have happened if Bruce turned into Hulk with the old rage and anger while Jennifer was just new with her powers.

The Accident Theory

She-Hulk Gamma Veins

She-Hulk Gamma Veins

Bruce and Jennifer met with an accident and they were both unconscious. Bruce tries to wake up Jen and asks her to run away from the area as he was bleeding and Gamma radiated blood could do damage to her.

Jen refuses to leave her brother and tries to help him, but she gets infected instead and started feeling dizzy with it. Her veins start to push the gamma radiation throughout her body.

In the meanwhile, Bruce was turning into Hulk because of the pain and fair. While he was transforming, he kept screaming at Jen to run away because he didn’t wanted to hurt his sister.

He saw Jen turning green and tall, and he realised that the gamma radiation has consumed her. Jeniffer was now in her Hulk avatar, and Bruce’s alter-ego sense the fear more strongly and overpowered Bruce’s mind to become the angry Hulk.

Now, they both are standing face to face. Bruce was having no control over his Hulk, but Jennifer was conscious from her mind along with the powers of Hulk. She was trying to control Bruce and talk him out of it.

But that didn’t work out well!

Hulk Fights She-Hulk At The Accident Spot

Hulk vs. She-Hulk

Hulk vs. She-Hulk

Hulk jumped over Jennifer and draws a punch at her face. Jennifer blocks it and realises that she has the powers of Hulk now. She kicks Hulk away from her and tries to restrain him and bring him back to his human form.

Hulk was angrier and now held Jennifer from her neck and smashed her to grounds. He held her so tight, she was unable to breathe and function her body. These powers were still fresh for her to tame. And she was unaware of the strengths and weaknesses of gamma radiation.

But as she decides to fight back, she forces her hands into the mouth of Hulk and tries to move him away from her to get a shot. Once Hulk loses his grip, Jennifer strongly punches his chest to bounce him off her.

Jen says to Bruce/Hulk, “You are going to regret this if you remember it tomorrow. But I want you to help me out deal with what has happened to me.” 

Hulk got up with a sense of pain in his body, and was even angrier.

It seemed like this is the Hulk who got beaten up by Thanos and was silenced by Bruce with treatments. Bruce turned into Smart Hulk but suppressed this rage consciousness somewhere within himself. It was just silenced and not eliminated. 

With the trauma and anger, Hulk couldn’t accept any more defeat. He didn’t even realise that he was fighting her sister, all he knew was that he was fighting someone who seems stronger than him.

Hulk went completely crazy and started to bash Jen from all ends. He didn’t even leave any scope for Jen to react or respond to the punches and smashes. She surrendered herself completely to Hulk and couldn’t think of what to do next.

At one point, Jen fell on the ground unconscious and her body was shivering. She was even Jen when transformed into She-Hulk, and with that hope she raises her hand towards Bruce’s Hulk, and says “Brother! Save Me!” . And just after that she turned into Jennifer, as if she learned controlling her transformation as well.

It was that time when Hulk held back his punch and something happened within his head. He stepped back and was on her knees. He turned back to Bruce for a few seconds. Jen thought, Bruce is back and wanted to approach him and talk about what just happened.

But right after a while, Bruce again looked up in the sky and screamed and turned into Hulk. But this time, things were quiet and he was just sitting on his knees. Jen was frightened but yet curious to check on her brother.

She takes a slow approach, calling out Bruce’s name. After few callouts, Bruce replies, “All these years, I wanted to be the good version of what I am. Yet, I always failed! I thought I have silenced this angry consciousness of the Hulk forever. But no, It is still in there and it will come back to do more damage. I was about to kill my sister! I am now scared to even be around people again. And I cannot trust this smarter version of Hulk as well.”

Jen Saw the smarter version of the Hulk for the first time. She praised Bruce about what he has achieved in his lifetime of being the Hulk. Smart Hulk asks Jen, “Are you not afraid of me after what I did to you?” Jen said, “No! My brother saved me, I am not afraid of you.”

Technically, as considered the first day of being Hulk, I did gave you some good tight punches. So, in terms of technicality and experience gap, I think I won the fight.”, Jen laughs and mocks her brother.

Bruce says, “I must train you so that you don’t be the monster I was! Or, should I say, I AM!” 

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