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What is Daemon Planning On Achieving With His Return?

By Sumit Sahu
September 12,2022

House of the Dragon episode 4 is out and it starts with Rhaenyra choosing her hand from a list of worthy individuals. Later, we see Daemon visiting the King’s Landing to apologize and be part of the kingdom again. 

But little did people know that he was there to leave an even darker strike on the throne. His return and apologies were not his goodwill but a political game plan. Rhaenyra is the heir to Iron Throne, and marrying her will eventually turn the tables around for Daemon. 

Daemon’s Plan To Win The Iron Throne



It was inappropriate to suggest getting married to Rhaenyra without any context. So, he lured her to roam around the kingdom, beyond the walls of the keep, where she doesn’t belong. She was guided to the brothel or a pleasure house where we saw Daemon trying to meddle with Rhaenyra’s maidenhood. 

Though Rhaenyra and Daemon didn’t break the boundaries some things happened between them that was inappropriate. And Rhaenyra was guilty about it yet lied. She further made love with Ser Criston Cole, which was again inappropriate. 

The womanhood in her just kicked in and she did mistakes. But Daemon used it to his advantage. When the king confronted him, he asked Viserys to wed Rhaenyra to him. And Viserys told him, “It is not only my daughter you lust for but also my throne!” 

And this is exactly why he returned! But, King didn’t behead him for the sin and asked him to leave King’s Landing at once. 

The Spread Of The Rumour



The rumor did spread like a fire, and Rhaenyra was about to face judgment. The episode ended with Otto Hightower being ripped off from his duties for making wrong judgments. As Rhaenyra didn’t lose her maidenhood to Daemon, Otto Hightower made believed accusations. 

Probably he too wanted Rhaenyra to be called back as the heir to Iron Throne, and Aegon will then be the rightful King. 

Being the heir to the most powerful throne did put targets on her back. And this is just the beginning with Daemon’s corrupt idea and Otto’s desperation for Aegon to be the king.