What Is Darth Maul’s Star Wars Future And In Which Disney+ Shows Could He Show Up?

Darth Maul did die in his very first on-screen movie appearance, but that one appearance cemented his status as one of the great Star Wars villains. But what about his future? Is he destined to live as a once-great villain of the prequel movies or will we see him again? After all, there’s so much left to explore about Darth Maul even now. That’s why we are here to contemplate a little about how Darth Maul can show up in the new Star Wars shows. 

Darth Maul’s Life And Death Till Now- A Short Summary

Darth Maul was first introduced in Episode I – The Phantom Menace and he is remembered till now due to his skin markings, iconic figure, and of course- a double-bladed lightsaber. He could have been one of those Star Wars characters who got killed off and was forgotten at the end of that movie, but thankfully fans didn’t let him die. 

Darth Maul

So he was brought back in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and given a tonne of character development that basically cemented his status as not only an iconic villain but also as a fascinating and well-developed character. After all, we got to see his criminal organization Shadow Collective and his never-ending desire for revenge against Kenobi in the show. 

Darth Maul And Kenobi In Star Wars Rebels

In fact, things seemed to be going well for him since he showed up a little in Solo: A Star Wars Story movie as well. However, he was killed in Star Wars Rebels and after that, there was radio silence about him. So it seems like Maul is set to die always. However, does that mean he won’t appear again? We don’t think so. So here’s how we think he can still return: 

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch is the official sequel to The Clone Wars. It’s being said that the animated show will follow the genetically changed clone troopers and what they are upto since the famous Clone Wars ended. Due to this, The Bad Batch is going to be set firmly in what is known as the Dark Time. This was a time period when the powerful empire, as we know it, was in its beginning stages and was just getting the galaxy in the palm of its hands. Also, this was when Palpatine had ascended and Order 66 was getting followed. 

Now, we know that Maul had indeed survived the bloody Clone Wars and lived for more years. So he should infact be more active now than he was ever before. Also if we calculate the timeframe from Solo: A Star Wars Story movie, then he should be about 8-9 years only from The Bad Batch and busy with the Crimson Dawn. 

Darth maul and the Bad batch

Of course, Maul wouldn’t be the one The Bad Batch will be focused on, but he can very well show up in the show. After all, it does fit in with the Star Wars timeline drawn by Dave Filoni. Also along with this, Filoni has a habit of making characters reappear in his animated shows. In fact, since the Bad Batch will now reportedly be working as mercenaries so they have more of a chance of getting into Maul’s orbit now. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney Plus Series

After Bad Batch, if there’s one show where Maul can and should appear then it’s the Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi show. The show will be taking place a solid 8 years after the events of Revenge of the Sith, so by then, Obi-Wan will be in his Tatooine exile while Maul will be active with Crimson Dawn. We also know that Tatooine has a heavy criminal presence as well due to groups like the Hutt Clan. Also, this Clan was once aligned with the Shadow Collective so it’s definitely possible that Obi-Wan will cross paths with Maul. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi And Darth Maul

This meeting could happen when Maul is looking for ways to expand the reach of Crimson Dawn or perhaps looking to work/take over the Hutts Clan. On the other hand, instead of a coincidental meeting, Maul could very well actively seek out Obi-Wan. Remember that burning hatred of Kenobi? Well, Maul certainly does. Now, this meeting could indeed lead to the last meeting between them on Rebels. 

Andor Disney+ Show

Now that we have covered the two shows where Maul can definitely show up, let us talk about the show where him showing up is a slight possibility only (but a possibility nonetheless!). This show is called Andor and it’s going to be a prequel to Rogue One and have Cassian Andor as its lead. 

Darth Maul and Andor

While this is a more far fetched idea but do hear us out, Disney and Lucasfilm are becoming more interested in exploring streaming avenues for a wide variety of Star Wars characters instead of movies right now. So rumours in the air are all about a Lando show (with Donald Glover), a Han Solo show (with Alden Ehrenreich), and a Qi’ra show (with Emilia Clarke). 

Obviously, it’s advised that you take all these with a pinch of salt, but if these shows do happen then Maul can show up as well. After all, Maul’s presence in the Solo movie was just a hint of more things to come. However, all those plans were cancelled since the movie bombed at the box office. But if Disney+ revives these characters then we could very well see Maul in a Han and Qi’ra show. After all, Qi’ra was headed to Dathomir at the end. So the show could tell us how Maul was manipulating it all from behind the scenes. It also makes sense since the galaxy was already under Palpatine’s control during the timeline of Solo. 

Darth Maul

We don’t know if all this will pan out or not, also we don’t know who will play Darth Maul again? It could be Ray Park in live-action again while Sam Witwer could carry out voice acting duties on the animated show or maybe it will be someone new. However, all this is just speculation for now. Yet we would love to see Lucasfilm explore new ways to bring back Maul on a screen- whether big, small, or animated. 

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