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What Is “M-Day” In X-Men?

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 18,2022

Wanda aka Scarlet Witch has crossed lines multiple times just to be with her twins that she manifested out of altering realities. She was so obsessed with her non-existent twins that she never hesitated to take lives even that of her own friend.

One such event was M-Day in which the red witch was driven mad and obsessed to a point when she stripped the entire mutant population of their power eventually killing most of them and leaving just a handful of X-men.

Wanda Maximoff and Her Twins


Wanda and Vision with their Twins

We all know that the scarlet witch has married Vision. Notwithstanding Vision’s artificial nature, they were nevertheless able to start a family together. Because of her hexing skill, she was able to change the odds in her favor and have a child. Doctor Strange himself helped her give birth to twins. She had grown so strong that she could apparently produce life with just a thought. After some years away from fighting bad guys, she settled into suburbia life with her husband and children.

Wanda’s joy was short-lived, however, for she later learned that her children weren’t real and were made by Mephisto. Losing both the love of her life, and her kids were the final straw for her. For a while, she was on the dark side with her father Magneto, but she was eventually redeemed. The fact that Harkness erased her recollection of bearing kids is a move that will come back to haunt her and everyone else.

Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness

Wanda understood that she could use her abilities to manipulate Chaos Magic. Using her knowledge of Chaos Magic, she also revived the long-dead superhero Wonder Man. Wanda’s newfound ability to resurrect the deceased gave her an air of unrivaled might. She became the “All Might” of Marvel Comics.

After learning that her friends had been planning behind her back to make her forget her twins, she made a subliminal change to the reality that had dire consequences for her crime-fighting acquaintances, including the apparent deaths of Hawkeye and Ant-Man.

House of M aka Plan To Kill Wanda


Wanda in Comics

While the majority of the group thinks they should keep attempting to heal Wanda, some say murdering her is the best way to stop her from becoming a menace. Spider-Man sees a bright white light as the squads gather at Genosha to meet with Wanda face to face. After this, Earth’s whole past is rewritten to suggest that our heroes ultimately had happier and more successful lives. Magneto and his crew have taken control of what was formerly the United States of America, and mutants are not only tolerated but regarded as superior to normal people.

Several of the characters’ recollections were brought back thanks to a mutant name Layla, and the hero leaves to fight a war to make things as they were. At the same time that Cyclops is leading the superheroes in an assault on Genosha, Steven comes into Wanda interacting with holographic representations of her boys who aren’t really alive.

No More Mutants

Wanda Says: No More Mutants

Quicksilver, Wanda’s brother, advised her to alter the reality once more to make sure his sister and their friends and family would all be safe from the Avengers and the X-Men.

Magneto attacked quicksilver after knowing all of this is fake and since Wanda holds Magneto responsible for all the bad things that have happened to her, she depowers the majority of the world’s mutants by announcing, “No more mutants,” before restoring the previous reality. Once this happened, the mutant population was almost wiped out.

Will MCU Ever Explore House of M Storyline In Movies?

It’s possible because, in 2019, Marvel studio finally regained the distributing rights of X-Men. And given Wanda’s onslaught in Multiverse of Madness, and her never-ending obsession with her twins it’s possible that MCU will someday incline towards pursuing that House of M arc.

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