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When Does She Hulk Takes Place In The MCU?

By Siddhant Chawla
August 26,2022

Phase 4 of Marvel has picked up speed and is about to come to an end. The relevance of every Disney Plus series and movie in the MCU timeline is becoming more and more confusing for the audience.

She-Hulk’s new episode clears a way for the series to fit into the timeline with its post-credit scene. Let’s talk about how the She-Hulk Attorney At Law fits right in with the other phase 4 movies and shows.

She Hulk’s Post Credit Scene

Abomination vs Wong

Abomination vs Wong

The post-credit scene of She Hulk’s second episode takes us back to the events of Shangi Chi: Legend Of The Ten Rings. The leaked video of Abomination’s fight with wong from Shang Chi complicates the timeline of She Hulk.

The show was said to be set a few months after the events of Shang Chi, but the leaked video makes it correspond to Shang Chi.

In a recent interview Jessica Gao, the writer of the series specifies the show to be set after a “relatively small amount of time”.

Bruce Banner in Shang Chi Legend Of The Ten Rings

Bruce Banner in Shang Chi Legend Of The Ten Rings

The end credits of Shang Chi gave us a look at Bruce with his injured arm which started healing during the beginning of the show, making the time skip in the series only months long.

Where Does Shang Chi Lie In The Timeline?

Shang Chi Legend Of The Ten Rings

Shang Chi Legend Of The Ten Rings

Shang Chi Legend Of The Ten Rings is set not too long after the events of Falcon And The Winter Soldier. It is said to be before the events of Spiderman No Way Home which in the timeline is almost at the end of 2024, after almost all the other movies and tv shows.

As Shang Chi takes place early in phase 4 of the MCU, She-Hulk Attorney At Law seems to take place during the year 2023 only. But the news article in the second episode of She Hulk gives us an easter egg from the Eternals finale.

So now we know for sure that She Hulk Attorney At Law takes place after obviously WandaVision, which is just a few weeks after Endgame, and also Shang Chi and Eternals, but before the events of the other movies and series like Hawkeye, Doctor Strange M.O.M.

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