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Where Is Doctor Strange During The She-Hulk Events?

By Sumit Sahu
September 9,2022

She-Hulk episode 4 is out, it was a magical rollercoaster with funny dating and indirect easter eggs. We are still far away from seeing the true form of She-Hulk. Talking about the latest episode, we see Wong with a good amount of screen time in it.

Wong is resting around somewhere in Nepal and watching a web series named ‘The Sopranos’. He gets himself involved into some kind of magical trouble, triggered by a suspended student of Kamar Taj, who goes by the name, Donny Blaze.

Wong Watching Sopranos

Wong watching Sopranos, while Madysnn walks through the magical portal.

DONNY BLAZE, the name might be ringing some bells for the fans!

The point is, where is Doctor Strange when the power of mystic arts is being misused to open a portal to hell? Why is he not interrupting in these magical matters? Yes, it is a She-Hulk series and everything here is about law and order for super humans. But, we have already seen Bruce Banner, Emil Blonsky and Wong with well-fit roles in the episodes so far.

So, it is right of us to expect at least a minute’s cameo from Stephen Strange. Instead of calling in Doctor Strange for help, Wong counted on She-Hulk, who knows very little about mystic arts and the repercussions it can cause.

Where Is Doctor Strange During The Current Events Of MCU?

Doctor Strange's identity spell in Spider-Man

Doctor Strange’s identity spell

Fans have theories of their own for this. But to narrow down the thoughts into a logical manner, it is best to expect that he might be serving a punishment for casting a misguided spell that created chaos in Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

Wong, being the Sorcerer Supreme might have been encouraged to take actions against Doctor Strange. And may be, he is banned from using his powers again or visit Kamar Taj.

It is a possibility because Wong came up with the idea to stop Donny Blaze from using his learned skills of mystic arts. He counts on this idea as a punishment to those who knowingly or unknowingly use the magic to endanger the universe.

Doctor Strange probably did that to save the identity of a teenage kid! So, this is probably a strong possibility.

The Second Possibility

America Chavez

America Chavez

If not banished, banned or punished, there is another possibility to explain where Doctor Strange might be during the current events in MCU. America Chavez showed Strange, that there exists a multiverse.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, we heard Doctor Strange telling to Peter that, multiverse is a concept that they know very little about. So, he might be on a quest with America Chavez to not just help her use the powers right, but also to expand his knowledge about multiverse.

He didn’t get the chance to learn more about multiple universes as Scarlet Witch was on a mad rampage to find her children in the last Doctor Strange movie. So, this might also be an evident possibility that answers the main question of this post.

After four episodes of She-Hulk, fans are just not interested to expect any cameos, other than that of Matt Murdock’s entry as Daredevil, but to see more of She-Hulk herself. We will keep looking forward to it, as Marvel has done some phenomenal job in giving us some nail-biting movies in the past.

A couple of low-key contents can’t take that trust away! So, we will still eagerly wait for all of the forthcoming episodes for She-Hulk.

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