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Where Is The Story Of House Of The Dragon Proceeding?

By Sumit Sahu
August 29,2022

After House of the Dragon Episode 1 and Episode 2, we have a clear idea on many angles through which the main drama would actually begin. As Game of Thrones fans, you are already running your mind through all the possibilities of who is about to die and who is about to rule the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones has taught us that every character you like has the probability of dying. So, be cautious when you start liking any of the characters from House of the Dragon.

Let’s talk about where this story is proceeding with respect to different plot branches which will soon be created by the episode writers. Every branch or plot will link back to the Iron Throne, which is also possibly replicated in the opening credits of House of the Dragon Episode 2.

Rhaenyra Chosen As The Heir To Iron Throne

Heir to Iron Throne

Heir to Iron Throne

The first episode showed us how Daemon Targaryen was banished from the Throne’s duty and Rhaenyra was chosen as the rightful heir. No lady has ever sat on the Iron Throne, and that is one branch of this story which will lead to chaos and rivalries in future.

Daemon admired Rhaenyra as her uncle. But, sooner or later, the craving for the throne will consume him and he might rebel against Princess Rhaenyra. If not that, Lord Corlys Velaryon is already furious because the King Viserys rejected the marriage proposal with his daughter.

His wife, Rhaenys Targaryen mocked Rhaenyra by saying, These men will torch everything before they see a woman sitting on the Iron Throne.”

Rhaenyra believes she is going to be the Queen one day. But, her father’s new marriage to her best friend Alicent Hightower is going to change a lot of things in the future.

As per the story in the book, Alicent Hightower will give birth to two sons and a daughter. She will be mother to Prince Aegon, Prince Aemond and Princess Helaena. And then the friendship between Alicent and Rhaenyra will no longer be cherished.

Alicent will want her sons to sit on the Iron Throne, while Rhaenyra will intend to hold onto her entitlement as rightful heir to Iron Throne. Things might get ugly from this angle.

Daemon Targaryen Will Be Furious About Being Banished

Prince Daemon in Dragonstone

Prince Daemon in Dragonstone

We haven’t seen Daemon being aggressive so far for the criticism and banishment. But as per the second episode, Lord Corlys has approached Daemon to help him prove his worth to people who don’t know about it. In the meanwhile, he wants to save himself and his fleets from the crab feeders.

Daemon will surely plan on taking this opportunity and killing the crab feeders with just one fire breath by his dragon. As King Viserys was against attacking the free cities, Lord Corlys had second thoughts. Daemon killing those crab feeders will make the King more furious at him. And this time, the criticism will haunt him harder than before.

He will seek revenge and will definitely be a strong character in the future, to challenge the Iron Throne. Daemon returning the dragon egg so easily is something that still shows he is good from within. And another instance to prove that he is not seeking revenge yet is when Lord Corlys was speaking ill about King Viserys.

Daemon replied, “I will speak whatever I like for my brother. You do not”. 

These are the current scenarios with which the story might proceed in the future. To determine