Where Will Strange Supreme Appear Next: What If Season 2 or Doctor Strange 2?

Whether in season 2 of Marvel’s What If…? or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where can fans expect to see Doctor Strange Supreme next? After nine episodes and a brilliant finale, Marvel Studios’ first animated series came to a close. How would the Multiverse fare against Ultron, who was bent on destroying it with the Infinity Stones in What If…?, in the ninth episode of season 4?

The Consequences

After the events of What If…? episode 8, the Watcher and Doctor Strange Supreme put their plan into action in the show’s conclusion. When it became apparent that Ultron had to be defeated once and for all, the team formed a partnership and began recruiting heroes from various eras. The Watcher didn’t elaborate on why he chose the particular group of people, other than the fact that he felt they were all qualified for the task. Fortunately, the ragtag crew managed to defeat Ultron in the end.

What If..? Doctor Strange

In order to complete their mission, the Guardians of the Multiverse relied on the contributions of all its members. Captain Carter’s and Black Widow’s teamwork eventually defeated Ultron, although the squad was mostly carried by Doctor Strange Supreme. Given Zola’s and Killmonger’s ultimate destiny as the custodian of the pocket universe, it begs the issue of where he will appear next in the MCU. In light of the current condition of the franchise, there are only two viable choices.

The Possibilities

Season 2 of What If…? may see the sorcerer return. Even before the first season of the animated series concluded, Marvel Studios announced that it would return for a second season. The Watcher, being the multiverse’s watcher, will almost certainly still be engaged, and given his unusual relationship with Doctor Strange Supreme, he might simply call out to him if he ever needs assistance again.

It’s also possible that Doctor Strange Supreme may make a cameo if the pocket dimension that houses Zola and Killmonger collapses. No one is sure whether it will be able to keep them in check indefinitely at this time. The sorcerer is more likely to be engaged in dealing with the fallout if the spell breaks and the villains start causing havoc again. It’s possible he’ll be the one to bring about the aforementioned catastrophe. Doctor Strange, as shown in the Sacred Timeline, is insatiably inquisitive. His evil counterpart may unintentionally do anything that releases the imprisoned adversaries.

Strange Supreme Will Reappear Soon

Doctor Strange in What If…?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a live-action version of Marvel’s Doctor Strange Supreme, may premiere if Marvel Studios chooses to keep its pledge that the events in What If…? are canon. Sacred Timeline Stephen Strange will likely find himself journeying throughout the universe in the forthcoming Sam Raimi-directed movie. Regardless, plot details are still few at this time. Then he could run into his animated counterpart, which would make sense.

Everything that occurs in What If…? might be a part of the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe multiverse, if this were to happen. A future appearance in a What If…? episode is virtually a certain conclusion, as previously stated. The prospects for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, however, are much more intriguing. Even if we never see Doctor Strange Supreme again, odds are good that he will continue to have a role in the MCU’s narrative in the future.

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