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Which Jedis Can The Mandalorian Defeat With The Darksaber?

The Mandalorian now has the Darksaber and fans are asking- how many Jedis can he take on with it? The answer will shock you!

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 15,2022

Season 3 of The Mandalorian is rumoured to premiere on 22 February, 2023. But before that many fans are re-watching season 2 to brush up on the old plot points before jumping into the upcoming season. And one question has emerged in Star Wars fan circles- now that Din Djarin has the Darksaber, how many Jedis can he defeat with it? And which popular Jedis can he take on now? The answer to this will definitely shock you.

Which And How Many Jedis Can The Mandalorian Defeat With The Darksaber?

Tarre Vizsla

Tarre Vizsla

In season 2 we saw Din Djarin get Tarre Viszla, the first Mandalorian Jedi’s Darksaber after defeating Moff Gideon in the finale. Then when we saw him again in The Book of Boba Fett, he retained his claim over the saber by defeating Paz Viszla, one of the descendants of Tarre Viszla.

Now that he has faced some opponents, the next question on everyone’s mind is- how many Jedis can he defeat with the Darksaber? And which popular lightsaber users can he take on? Now, the answer to this is actually zero. This is because he still can’t wield the saber properly. In fact, he sliced his own leg open during a fight with the Klatoonian manager’s muscle team in The Book of Boba Fett.

Din Djarin and The Armorer

Din Djarin and The Armorer

So he doesn’t have full control over it. This is a point that the Armorer reiterates to him as well. When Din Djarin fights her, he feels the Darksaber getting heavier. The Armorer explains that it’s because he isn’t one with the Darksaber. And this is why it isn’t following his wishes. Since he can’t even wield it properly so there’s no way he will be able to fight any halfway trained Jedi who have control over the Force and their lightsabers.

It also needs to be remembered that he didn’t secure a clean win in the fight with Paz Viszla. In fact, it was Viszla who was going to win. But he made the mistake of taunting Din by saying that he was going to wipe out his clan. And who are there in Din’s clan? Only Grogu. So this was a threat to Grogu’s life that spurred Mando on to defeat Paz.

But Din can’t rely on anger and threats in every fight. Until and unless he gets the Darksaber under his control, chances are he will lose to any opponent, let alone the Jedi.

How Can Mando Win A Fight With A Jedi? 

Mandalorian War

Mandalorian War

If he wants to win a fight against a Jedi using his Darksaber, he will have to train with his weapon further and learn to control it. This will probably be a major plot point in season 3. But he doesn’t necessarily need the Darksaber to fight the Jedi. After all, his Mandalorian gear can give him an edge in a battle with a Jedi.

His beskar armor that can withstand lightsaber hits, the whistling birds, and the spear (which is now gone) will help him take on Jedis. After all, Mandalorian tech was specifically developed to take on lightsaber users.

What do you think? Are there any Jedis Mando can defeat in this stage of training with the Darksaber? Let us know.

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